Propecia The Queen Of Hair Loss Treatment

Propecia The Queen Of Hair Loss Treatment

Propecia the​ Queen of​ Hair Loss Treatment
Propecia may sound like a​ fancy girls name but when it​ comes to​ dealing with hair loss she is​ definitely the​ Queen of​ hair restoration medications. of​ all the​ hair loss products on​ the​ market there are only two medications that are approved by the​ US Food & ​Drug​ Administration FDA as​ clinically proven to​ promote hair growth and hair regrowth while reversing baldness.
Finasteride or​ Propecia is​ one,​ and Minoxidil Rogaine or​ Foam Rogaine is​ the​ other and these are the​ only medications that the​ FDA has approved and only after very extensive clinical trials.
What is​ Baldness?
Baldness and hair loss is​ caused by testosterone,​ and in​ particular a​ version of​ it​ known as​ dihydrotestosterone or​ DHT,​ the​ male hormone that makes us look and sound like guys.
The trouble with testosterone and DHT is​ that after we​ become adults they start having a​ very different set of​ effects on​ our body.
You may start noticing hair grow out of​ your nose or​ out of​ your ears why it​ does that we​ have no idea,​ but we​ also know that hair loss on​ our head also starts and we​ simply don’t buy into all the​ aerodynamic explanations that keep coming our way.
DHT starts to​ constrict the​ blood supply to​ your follicles and this starts to​ show initially as​ thinning hair leading to​ baldness. if​ you​ don’t start a​ hair loss remedy pretty soon after baldness sets in​ then you’ll only be able to​ get some hair on​ there if​ you​ go get a​ hair transplant.
A hair transplant is​ a​ pretty drastic and expensive way of​ hair replacement and it’s better to​ deal with the​ problem before it​ gets to​ that point. Tackling hair loss as​ soon as​ it​ starts is​ the​ best way of​ dealing with baldness remember offense in​ this case is​ the​ best form of​ defense!
Enter Propecia she’ll make your hair stand on​ end!
Propecia tackles hair loss by directly working on​ your levels of​ DHT in​ your body.
By lowering the​ level of​ DHT that leaves less to​ attack your follicles and so they stay healthier for​ longer.
Propecia doesn’t just do that though Propecia actively works to​ stop DHT from binding itself to​ follicles and choking off the​ blood flow.
How do I ​ buy Propecia?
Before you​ can get your hands on​ one of​ the​ most popular hair loss treatments you’ll need to​ get a​ doctor to​ write a​ Propecia prescription for​ you.
You’ll find you​ can order Propecia easily and simply online or​ at​ your local pharmacy but you’ll find it​ cheaper online than in​ town.
How do I ​ take Propecia?
Propecia is​ just one simple pill that is​ taken each day. Your doctor will prescribe a​ dosage that is​ suitable for​ you.
Often you’ll be recommended to​ use a​ medicated shampoo such as​ Nizoral to​ help keep your scalp and hair in​ top condition.
Other than that,​ there’s nothing more to​ say it’s that easy!
How safe is​ Propecia?
Bottom line,​ Propecia is​ safe! it​ does have the​ potential for​ one major side effect,​ and you​ need to​ decide if​ you’re willing to​ risk that side effect. And that side effect is​ possible libido loss. Yes,​ you​ could potentially lose interest in​ sex and perhaps have issues with getting or​ maintaining an erection.
So if​ that particularly huge side effect isn’t an issue for​ you,​ then Propecia may be for​ you. .
Propecia went through a​ five year clinical program to​ test out how effective it​ is​ at​ hair restoration. Not only that it​ was tested rigorously to​ see what the​ side effects were and it​ is​ perfectly safe when used as​ instructed,​ with the​ one side effect previously mentioned.
Remember,​ Propecia is​ only one of​ two medications that the​ FDA has approved not only for​ effective hair loss treatment but also because it​ is​ safe to​ use. if​ you​ want to​ see how big a​ deal that is,​ just take a​ look at​ all the​ hair loss treatments that are out there and ask yourself,​ why only two are FDA approved!
When should I ​ start Propecia?
The golden rule is​ that the​ sooner you​ start treating your hair loss condition the​ faster and better the​ results will be.
Propecia has been clinically tested and demonstrated to​ help regenerate hair on​ bald patches on​ the​ head and that is​ a​ big,​ big leap ahead compared to​ other hair treatments.
You’ll find that Propecia is​ not only simple to​ use and highly effective but very cost effective. Many people spend thousands of​ dollars on​ hair treatments that simply don’t work. Because Propecia has had FDA approval you​ know that it​ is​ not only safe but that it​ works!
I’ve tried tons of​ hair loss products and review them at​ my site. you​ can learn from my mistakes. Want to​ see what I ​ am using now? Hint It’s not what you​ think. Visit my web page to​ find out more there’s a​ plethora of​ information on​ every hair loss treatment imaginable.

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