Project Management Software For Translation Agencies

Project Management Software for Translation Agencies
This review aims to​ make you​ acquainted with Projetex - a​ simple and powerful project management tool for translation agencies.
The idea to​ create single-purpose project management software for translation industry became obvious after desperate attempts to​ adjust commonly used MS Project and Intuit QuickBooks to​ the​ specific needs of​ translation agency .​
Projetex is​ ideal for project managing,​ corporate and freelance workflow management,​ data and files sharing within company .​
It covers all aspects of​ project managing: communication with clients,​ corporate experts and freelancers,​ tracking the​ project implementation,​ issuing financial documentation etc.,​ saving the​ time and energy on​ every stage .​
The developer,​ AIT,​ have been working,​ in​ the​ translation industry for eight years now and is​ known to​ thousands freelancers and translation companies as​ both a​ serious translation agency and supplier of​ effective translator-oriented software (Translation Office 3000,​ AnyCount,​ CATCount,​ WinLexic,​ ExactSpent,​ ClipCount) .​
Projetex was developed on​ the​ base of​ the​ most efficient and time-proved of​ them - Translation Office 3000,​ and reflects the​ considerable experience in​ managing translation and localization projects .​
No wonder Projetex becomes popular in​ other fields (like publishing business or​ advertising) with similar workflow structure as​ it​ provides the​ tools for coping with most common project managing tasks .​
The most important advantages provided by Projetex 2018 include:
Automatic folder creation,​ thought-out structuring and simple access release brain space for more important or​ pleasant things .​
In addition file management takes up to​ three times less time .​
Built-in instruments for issuing financial documents; invoices are linked with jobs,​ payments can be linked with invoices .​
No need to​ underscore how convenient is​ that!

Having all information stored in​ one place simplifies and quickens the​ process of​ locating and correcting mistakes,​ if​ any occur .​
the​ option of​ automatic calculation of​ profitability balance for each project will be undoubtedly estimated at​ its true worthy by project managers .​
As well as​ the​ other possibility provided by Projetex…
…color differentiation for overdue/deadline today/deadline in​ the​ future projects,​ jobs,​ invoices and graphic scheduler tool for presentation of​ all current projects,​ client,​ freelance,​ expert jobs and their terms .​

Price-managing with Projetex: you​ enter the​ price only once and do not care about remembering it​ anymore: the​ next times you​ get it​ simply clicking the​ Price button .​

For those,​ who want to​ provide the​ analysis of​ working effectiveness all kinds of​ custom reports are available: for example,​ you​ can see the​ dependence between the​ number of​ projects from certain client and freelancers involved .​
Accounting is​ possible using different currencies for different clients and freelancers .​
All financials are automatically translated into company's base currency selected by you​ so that you​ can see the​ complete picture,​ avoiding multiple manual converting operations and inevitable associated mistakes .​

Possibility to​ see separately payments module,​ invoices module,​ quotes module etc .​
allows you​ to​ concentrate on​ the​ exact task you​ are working at​ and not get distracted by the​ information you​ do not need at​ the​ moment .​

From the​ other hand,​ multi-dimensional view of​ the​ database and cross-references gives the​ possibility to​ see the​ consolidated information on​ particular client/project/corporate expert/freelancer .​
Thus saving you​ time and nerves on​ switching between pages or​ documents and keeping in​ mind what information you​ are looking for and what you​ have already found .​

You can make your invoices and PO’s look as​ pretty/strange/simple/overloaded with pictures/etc .​
as​ you​ want - templates for invoices,​ purchase orders,​ quotes,​ job assignments and price-lists are completely customizable .​

Connect Offices and share files and database of​ clients,​ projects,​ jobs,​ freelance and in-house experts .​
All these together allow project manager to​ work at​ a​ considerably larger number of​ projects at​ a​ time .​

Projetex will undoubtedly suit small companies as​ well,​ where single team members may have two or​ more of​ roles combined,​ due to​ its flexible and detailed settings for access level assigning .​
And what users like most about Projetex - all its advanced functions are hidden under the​ simple,​ user-friendly interface .​
It makes Projetex one of​ the​ most efficient instruments for reducing time and costs expenses on​ project managing .​

Still,​ words are but wind and the​ proof of​ the​ pudding is​ in​ the​ eating: AIT provides the​ possibility to​ taste their project management software for 30 days absolutely free of​ charge (a clever move,​ as​ people get used to​ good things very quickly – and do not hesitate to​ buy the​ license) .​
In addition,​ on​ registering your copy of​ Projetex,​ you​ become eligible for highly competent and complaisant support (though they never hesitate to​ help even if​ you​ are only evaluating their products).

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