Profit From Writing

Profit From Writing

If you’re passionate about writing and want to​ make it​ your career,​ you need to​ be resourceful,​ professional,​ determined and self-motivated to​ succeed. Writing for a​ living isn’t easy and unless you’ve already landed a​ five figure book deal for your latest novel,​ you need to​ be as​ creative in​ generating income as​ you are with your words.

To help you profit from writing,​ here are a​ few opportunities to​ explore:

Writing for Magazines
This is​ the​ starting point for many freelance writers who want to​ be published and paid. Magazines require good content and many editors still rely on​ freelance writers to​ provide it. Although the​ market is​ competitive,​ if​ you can produce well-researched,​ original articles to​ suit the​ magazine’s style and readership,​ you’ll have a​ greater chance of​ winning a​ commission.

My tips: Focus on​ writing about what you know,​ drawing upon any specialist knowledge or​ interests. Use the​ Internet to​ study publications all over the​ world to​ increase your markets.

Write Greetings Card Verses
Greetings card companies often seek original verse or​ prose for their range of​ cards. if​ you have a​ forte for writing short humorous or​ meaningful passages,​ this could provide a​ successful opening for you.

My tips: Take a​ look at​ the​ verses in​ greetings cards to​ study their style. Create a​ few sample verses. Note the​ name of​ the​ greetings card publisher and contact them for their current requirements.

Create Copy for the​ Business Sector
One of​ the​ more lucrative writing opportunities is​ copywriting for businesses and public sector organisations. if​ your writing is​ concise,​ clear and fresh,​ you’ll find there is​ a​ market for your services producing leaflets,​ guides,​ press releases,​ advertising copy and web content.

My tips: Produce a​ portfolio of​ your work to​ show the​ diversity of​ your skills. Attend a​ business network event to​ market your services.

Take a​ Staff Writing Job
Freelance writing is​ great but if​ you prefer the​ relative security of​ a​ regular income and the​ warmth and vitality of​ a​ creative office environment,​ you might consider applying for a​ staff based writing position. Many opportunities exist for journalists,​ copywriters,​ web content writers,​ editors and feature writers. Recently,​ a​ major company even required the​ services of​ a​ dedicated letter writer! the​ skills of​ a​ quality writer are in​ demand and you’ll find that most salaries reflect this.

My tips: Spend time writing a​ professional CV and produce some sample writing. First impressions count!

Become a​ Ghost-writer!
Some writers make a​ reasonable living ghost-writing other people’s life stories. You can receive payment on​ a​ work-for-hire basis or​ on​ a​ royalty share agreement. if​ you enjoy interviewing people and writing at​ length,​ this will have great appeal.

My tips: Speak to​ other ghost-writers and research the​ book publishing field so that you gain a​ reasonable working knowledge of​ the​ current trends.

Compile Crosswords,​ Puzzles and Fillers
Writing short filler material,​ from anecdotes to​ puzzles,​ can be quite rewarding. Many publications feature a​ regular crossword to​ entertain their readers. Although considered to​ be quite a​ closed-market,​ it​ is​ worth approaching publications with ideas or​ samples for consideration.

My tips: Research your markets carefully. Target new publications where there may be openings. Offer fillers and puzzles relevant to​ the​ target readership.

Expand Your Range of​ Services
Some writers find it​ easy spotting typos or​ English grammar mistakes. if​ you’re one of​ them,​ consider taking a​ course in​ editing or​ proofreading to​ expand on​ your range of​ wordsmith services! There is​ often a​ decent demand for these services so it​ will provide an​ additional source of​ revenue.

My tips: Take a​ course and gain a​ qualification. Contact publishing companies as​ many now use the​ services of​ freelance copyeditors and proofreaders.

If you have specialist knowledge,​ consider writing and self-publishing a​ book or​ a​ series of​ guides or​ newsletters! With the​ right topic and good marketing,​ you can build a​ niche publication. For example,​ some authors have turned their hobby of​ walking into providing guidebooks and newsletters on​ local walks. You could do something similar,​ whether your interest is​ sewing,​ cycling,​ cooking or​ woodworking.

My tips: try print-on-demand publishing or​ publishing electronically to​ keep costs down while you’re building your publishing venture.

Good luck in​ your career as​ a​ writer! With the​ right approach,​ you’ll find there are many opportunities to​ become a​ successful wordsmith.

Profit From Writing

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