Principles To Follow In Copy Writing

Children are fond of​ copying almost anything they see,​ especially if​ it's performed by an​ adult. Most kids now are familiar with the​ computer,​ and the​ many features of​ this amazing thing. But copying is​ not always interpreted with its literal meaning. There's this process which is​ considered an​ art in​ itself that only well-experienced and dedicated persons can do,​ and this is​ called copy writing.

What then is​ copy writing? Since the​ birth of​ the​ internet,​ there have been a​ lot of​ opportunities for people who want to​ earn money. And copy writing is​ just one of​ them. Copy writing is​ defined as​ the​ art or​ process which involves writing marketing and sales related materials. Its primary objective is​ to​ promote a​ certain person,​ opinion,​ business,​ or​ idea. Different areas of​ business like business plans,​ sales letters,​ advertising,​ and other media are using copy writing. Through this process,​ the​ business is​ able to​ persuade readers or​ listeners to​ act.

Copy writing can't be done effectively by just any individual. the​ person responsible for carrying out this work must follow certain principles,​ like:

- Knowing your very own product,​ this is​ the​ foundation of​ effective and efficient copy writing; if​ you know what your product is,​ it​ is​ easier for you to​ be passionate and believe in​ such product. it​ is​ quite unethical to​ sell or​ advertise something that you haven’t tried yourself.

- Who are your customers? in​ order to​ write the​ best copy writing ever possible,​ you must know your target customer. Identify the​ specific person (he/she is​ an​ executive or​ a​ homemaker),​ their age range,​ sex,​ etc. what you're writing should suit your readers needs and not yourself. Test your website; most prospects leave the​ site because it​ is​ quite confusing or​ tedious.

- the​ benefits; your website's home page should not contain your mission; the​ people cares about what benefits you can give to​ them whether you can make them rich,​ entertain,​ feel better,​ or​ save time. if​ you can catch the​ reader's interest,​ then you're at​ it.

- You have to​ establish trust; credibility is​ one thing especially on​ the​ net where you can't actually see who your customers are,​ you can offer free trials,​ testimonials,​ guarantee for money back if​ they are not satisfied,​ and most of​ all,​ never forget to​ put your contact numbers,​ email addresses,​ or​ you can even put a​ picture of​ yourself. Make it​ appear as​ if​ you're sitting beside each other and talking.

- Use short headings since most people only scan a​ home page; you must be able to​ grab their attention.

- There are word which you should often not use like if,​ should,​ but,​ could,​ and the​ like. it​ is​ best for you to​ use words as​ proven,​ free,​ breakthrough,​ discover,​ learn,​ benefit,​ complete,​ first,​ exclusive,​ and other positive words. Avoid using too many 'me' or​ 'I'.

- Make it​ short but don’t disregard its quality.

- You have to​ create a​ sense of​ urgency,​ a​ time limit,​ for the​ reader to​ act immediately.

- You must be able to​ hook your prospects the​ very first time they enter your site.

- Grammar,​ spelling,​ and formatting; your sales effort can be killed all because of​ typos. Errors pertaining to​ grammar,​ exclamation marks,​ and caps are a​ big no in​ copy writing.

If you incorporate all this principles in​ copy writing,​ then it​ is​ a​ sure fire hit.

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