Preventing Hair Loss With Herbs

Preventing Hair Loss With Herbs?
According to​ Ayurveda,​ proper hair care involves nourishing the​ hair follicles from the​ outside and inside. Herbs hold an obvious appeal for​ many people because they support the​ bodys natural healing mechanisms to​ target the​ cause of​ the​ problem,​ as​ opposed to​ merely tackling the​ symptoms.
It would be wrong to​ present herbal hair loss remedies as​ a​ miracle solution for​ all sufferers there is​ however growing evidence to​ support the​ view that some herbal remedies offer real hope to​ many people.
Green tea is​ thought that catechins found in​ green tea may inhibit the​ enzyme 5alphareductase that converts testosterone into hairunfriendly DHT. it​ is​ therefore believed to​ be effective in​ preventing and treating male pattern type baldness. Try drinking several cups of​ green tea each day or​ take it​ in​ capsule form as​ instructed by the​ manufacturer.
Saw palmetto is​ the​ current treatment of​ choice for​ many men due to​ its ability to​ protect the​ prostate,​ slow hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. it​ forms the​ core element of​ many commercially prepared hair loss treatments but can easily be obtained in​ its pure form. the​ recommended dose is​ a​ 160mg capsule twice each day,​ but make sure the​ ingredients are made from the​ berry extract not the​ dried berries themselves.
Hair Rejuv is​ one of​ the​ industry’s excellent herbal hair loss remedy. Regular use of​ Hair Rejuv gives the​ hair the​ nutrition it​ needs. This herbal combination is​ an excellent source of​ vitally important nutrients for​ healthy,​ shiny,​ vibrant hair as​ nature intended. Its never too late to​ rejuvenate lifeless,​ thin or​ brittle hair. Results are guaranteed after 23 months of​ continuous use. This formula uses herbal extracts,​ which are about 810 times stronger than taking raw herbs. An excellent herbal hair loss remedy.
Bring back the​ shiny glow to​ your hair!

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