Preventative Car Maintenance And Fuel Filter Replacement Tips

As with health care, preventative car maintenance is​ the best thing you​ can do for​ those dependable vehicles that get you​ where you​ want to​ go everyday. With preventative car maintenance you​ might invest a​ little here and​ there, but in​ the end, you​ will always save yourself time, money and​ the aggravation​ that comes with ‘break-down’ surprises. Listed below are some additional reasons to​ get serious about preventative car care:

  • Safety is​ the #1 reason​ to​ invest a​ little of​ your​ hard earned dough in​ preventative car maintenance. Vehicles that are poorly maintained make it​ that much easier for​ you​ or​ one of​ your​ family members to​ get in​ an​ accident.
  • Increased performance. a​ well maintained car means improved fuel economy as​ well as​ a​ car that is​ easier to​ operate.
  • A well maintained car will also improve the trade-in​ or​ resale value of​ your​ vehicle.
  • Dependability and​ easy handling. a​ well maintained car means that you​ won’t have to​ worry about incorrect wheel alignment, worn tires and​ worn suspension​ components.
  • Pride. Many people agree that your​ car definitely represents a​ certain​ extension​ of​ your​ own personality. Take car of​ your​ car!

Establish Car Maintenance Habits

It is​ fairly simple to​ get into the habit of​ getting your​ oil changed every three months but it’s a​ bit more difficult to​ make those yearly check ups and​ replacements that every car needs. you​ should, on​ a​ regular basis, (meaning annually or​ at​ least every two years) ask your​ auto technician about the status of​ your​ air cleaner filter, oil filter, air cleaner, air filter kn and​ your​ fuel filter.

Common​ Complaints that Can be Solved with a​ Fuel Filter Replacement

this​ article focuses on​ fuel filter replacement because experienced mechanics find that many people frequently complain​ that their vehicles are ‘experiencing’ power loss, hard starting, or​ hesitation.¹ These problems are in​ general due to​ clogged fuel filters and​ can easily be avoided with a​ simple fuel filter replacement.

How Often Should you​ Change your​ Fuel Filter?

As mentioned above, it​ is​ recommended that you​ change your​ fuel filter on​ a​ yearly basis. However, a​ yearly replacement only applies to​ high mileage vehicles. Those of​ you​ who use your​ vehicles only on​ occasion​ or​ only drive short distances on​ a​ daily basis, then you​ can probably get away with a​ filter replacement every two or​ even three years. if​ you​ have questions in​ regards to​ your​ vehicle, ask an​ experienced filter specialist how often you​ should change your​ fuel filter.

Don’t Fall for​ It!

Many new vehicles supposedly are equipped with a​ ‘lifetime’ fuel filter that the manufacturer claims will never have to​ be replaced. These newer vehicles may require a​ fuel filter replacement only every other year, but they will indefinitely have to​ be replaced at​ some time. Any fuel filter (including the new ones) can clog or​ be exposed to​ moisture and​ rust--so don’t fall for​ the lifetime fuel filter story.

Fuel Filter Replacement Services

you​ can replace your​ fuel filter by yourself, but today when there are literally dozens of​ service stations at​ your​ disposal, you​ will find that you​ will actually save more time and​ more money if​ you​ do your​ shopping right the first time. Take time to​ shop/compare and​ even ask for​ references. if​ you​ take the time now, it​ is​ unlikely that you​ will regret your​ decision​ later. Also, if​ you​ do decide to​ change your​ fuel filter by yourself, make sure that no one smokes around you​ as​ you​ work. Changing a​ fuel filter can be extremely dangerous.

Choose a​ Better Fuel Station?

Also, to​ prevent the quick ‘decay’ of​ your​ fuel filter you​ may want to​ consider patronizing only those fuel stations which have fuel filters within​ their gas pumps. These filters assure that the fuel you​ put into your​ vehicle will go through one final ‘filter session’ before going into your​ car. you​ would be surprised at​ the amount of​ dirt and​ other junk that is​ prevented from going into your​ vehicle because of​ fuel station​ pump filters.

¹It’s simple science; a​ clogged fuel filter cannot allow the same amount of​ fuel to​ flow through it​ as​ a​ newly replaced one. this​ may mean that on​ roads around your​ home--as you​ drive slowly--your​ car will respond well, but at​ highway or​ freeway speeds your​ car may splutter and​ lack power.

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