Practicality Of Creative Writing With Passion

Practicality Of Creative Writing With Passion

Writing throughout history has transformed itself to​ either an​ immortalization of​ one's thoughts or​ a​ lucrative business. the​ first is​ the​ essence and the​ other one is​ the​ consequence.

With respect to​ the​ art of​ writing itself,​ it​ must always be treated with reverence. Not that too many great people have dedicated themselves towards glorifying the​ art or​ that it​ has become a​ means by which we​ have learned history and man's life but because it​ is​ in​ itself,​ a​ vital part of​ our existence.

Creative writing must come from the​ heart. it​ can be learned. it​ can be copied from what has already been written by other authors,​ only adding some innovative details. it​ can be new. Whatever you choose,​ so long as​ you write from your heart and from the​ deepest of​ your thoughts,​ you are sure to​ crop out creative ideas.

There is​ literally hundreds of​ ways by which you can manipulate your creativity towards writing. But whatever you do,​ never loose sight of​ your aim. That is,​ to​ write as​ your heart dictates.

We can never give justice to​ writing if​ we​ treat it​ as​ a​ job or​ we​ if​ we​ see it​ from a​ business-mind's perspective alone. it​ must be dealt with passionately. Without passion,​ one will never be good enough for writing.

Writers write because they have no other choice.

There seems to​ be a​ tiny voice (which somehow overpowers the​ owner of​ this voice) that urges someone to​ write. This never stops in​ telling you to​ put your ideas,​ sentiments,​ emotions,​ notions,​ name it,​ into paper that you can go back into.

This voice will let you explore the​ significance of​ writing to​ your being. This tiny voice will let you realize that writing has no boundaries. it​ is​ the​ guiding voice that would show you your own path,​ a​ road that was set apart for you even before time begun.

The strange thing though is​ that this inner writer never stops in​ urging you,​ not even if​ you have already forgotten listening to​ him. But you see,​ it​ is​ inevitable for an​ inborn writer to​ turn away from his gifts. the​ voice may be silent for sometime and it​ has justifications for doing so.

It may be that for a​ couple of​ times,​ you have failed to​ listen to​ it​ or​ worse,​ you deliberately turned away from it. But it​ is​ its nature to​ come back to​ its ever-persisting voice to​ encourage you to​ write as​ it​ would say.

Creative writing is​ not only an​ art,​ it​ is​ a​ devotion,​ a​ passion,​ an​ instinct. You may learn technical techniques on​ how to​ hone your talent but you see,​ at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ you may not need as​ much technical training as​ you would have first thought. in​ fact,​ you are built in​ ways that are ideal for your becoming a​ writer.

A philosopher once told us of​ the​ beasts that thrive within us. Now,​ know and really take into consideration that there lives a​ genius within you,​ you just have to​ tune into him. And once you do,​ you will learn that this genius is​ the​ only thing that could help you towards turning yourself into a​ creative writer.

Creative writing can be channeled out to​ profit. But that is​ not the​ real essence of​ writing. if​ you write,​ just write from your heart and never mind the​ pockets. Because after all,​ business will find its ways to​ follow those who write their hearts well.

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