Powerful Music Collection Software Orangecd Suite

Powerful Music Collection Software - OrangeCD Suite
Orange CD Suite consists of​ two parts: OrangeCD Catalog and OrangeCD Player .​
OrangeCD Catalog is​ the​ comprehensive music database program for cataloging our music in​ any format: CDs,​ DVDs,​ records,​ MP3 files or​ tapes .​
OrangeCD Player is​ a​ compact freeware program that allows us to​ listen audio CDs through our computer CD-ROM and audio card and integrates with the​ music catalog software.
With the​ OrangeCD Catalog,​ if​ we want to​ add a​ new CD to​ the​ dtabase,​ we just need to​ insert the​ CD in​ our computer or​ scan barcode form jewel case,​ then the​ OrangeCD will download all information from FreeDB and Amazon databasesquickly and easily,​ including cover image and album reviews .​
That will fomr a​ resulting database which can be used for browsing,​ searching,​ prnting or​ exporting to​ any of​ the​ suported formats .​
According to​ this,​ if​ we own specific album or​ song,​ we can find its exact location on​ CD shelf,​ print CD changer index sheet or​ calculate our total CD library value for insurance quickly .​
I​ think it’s very convenient .​
In OrangeCD,​ we can publish our music collection catalog on​ MyGenres.com,​ share it​ with friends,​ and browse our music inventory from work or​ school computer.
Otherwise,​ we can sort our albums alphabetically,​ chronilogically,​ or​ by any field; display albums in​ folders grouped by any field; view database statistics; backup our data automatically or​ by request.
OrangeCD Player integrates well with music catalog software,​ so evry time we paly a​ new album,​ it​ downloads track titles and other information form Internet and automatically catalogs the​ album in​ our music databse.
Now,​ there are many Players,​ these are some reasons why we choose OrangeCD Player: it​ is​ compact and does not occupy our screen space; we can hide menu commmands that we don’t need and put those that we use frequently on​ top; it​ offers various playback modes,​ play lists and direct track access; if​ we restart our computer frequently,​ we don’t have to​ listen to​ the​ first song of​ the​ CD again and again; it​ supports multiple CD-ROMs or​ CD changers; it​ ‘s free and has no advertising spyware in​ it​ and so on.
In summary,​ after I​ had used this software,​ I​ felt it​ very good .​
Among so many kinds of​ Players,​ more and more people will choose this software as​ music Player because of​ its own advantage.

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