Power Yoga Physical Activity And Meditation For A Overall Health

Power Yoga Physical Activity And Meditation For A Overall Health

Power Yoga Physical Activity and​ Meditation for a​ Overall Health
Health is​ the​ real wealth of​ an individual. ​
Good health does not mean the​ absence of​ physical illness but also the​ lack of​ mental and​ social illness. ​
a​ healthy person can properly survive and​ easily cope with the​ difficulties and​ stress of​ daily living. ​
Incorporating regular physical activities,​ nutritious diet,​ and​ refraining from ​alcohol​ and​ cigarettes are necessary in​ maintaining a​ fit and​ healthy body. ​
Yoga is​ a​ physical activity that has been used in​ the​ ancient times to​ alleviate health problems associated with high blood pressure,​ high cholesterol,​ asthma,​ shallow breathing,​ backaches,​ chronic illness,​ and​ many other forms of​ discomfort. ​
Nowadays,​ Yoga has gone from a​ spiritual discipline practiced by many in​ the​ Far East,​ into a​ mainstream exercise routine that has been taught in​ many gyms around the​ world. ​
Other researches suggest that yoga may promote relaxation and​ reduce distress. ​

A new form of​ yoga that focuses on​ a​ more fitnessbased approached has been developed. ​
it​ is​ called Power Yoga,​ a​ method closely modeled after the​ Ashtanga style of​ practice. ​
The term Power Yoga became widely used in​ the​ mid90s when many yoga teachers tried new ways to​ make Ashtanga Yoga more accessible to​ the​ western audience. ​
Both Power and​ Ashtanga Yoga focuses on​ strength and​ flexibility. ​
The only difference between the​ traditional method and​ Power Yoga is​ that the​ latter does not require the​ performance of​ a​ series of​ poses. ​
it​ took the​ basics of​ yoga and​ and gave it​ a​ dose of​ aerobics to​ tone the​ muscles,​ sharpen focus,​ and​ strengthen the​ heart. ​

Other known benefits of​ practicing Power Yoga include
Improved strength,​ endurance,​ and​ stamina
Tighter abs,​ legs,​ and​ arms
Helps release physical tension
Helps maintain good and​ proper posture
Serves as​ a​ good warm up for athletes
Improves an athletes overall performance
Power Yoga is​ a​ very accessible exercise. ​
To practice this new yoga method,​ all that is​ needed is​ a​ flat floor surface,​ a​ mat or​ towel,​ and​ enough overhead space to​ extend the​ arms. ​
it​ can be performed by individuals of​ different ages and​ level of​ physical condition. ​
However,​ not all poses should be attempted by everyone. ​
Proper posture and​ alignment should always be maintained during stretch or​ posture to​ avoid injuries. ​
These activities should be stopped when there is​ fatigue,​ pain,​ or​ dizziness. ​
In addition,​ the​ mental component of​ yoga is​ as​ important as​ its physical activities. ​
Concentration and​ meditation should not be taken for granted. ​
Yoga should be done with an open and​ gentle mind when one performs yoga positions and​ posture. ​
Impatience,​ selfcriticism,​ and​ comparing oneself with others may hamper the​ improvement of​ ones physical and​ mental health. ​

Individuals who want to​ engage in​ physical activities like yoga should consult doctors and​ other health professionals before taking yoga classes. ​
Certain injuries to​ the​ wrist,​ back,​ and​ ankles may prevent some individuals from practicing yoga postures and​ positions. ​
Furthermore,​ yoga should be practiced with care and​ precaution. ​
Some people have reported injuries that were acquired by executing yoga postures without focus,​ or​ by attempting difficult positions without working them gradually or​ by not having proper supervision. ​
Oftentimes,​ beginners complain of​ muscle soreness and​ fatigue after engaging in​ yoga. ​
These effects may disappear with continuous practice. ​
Yoga is​ a​ great way to​ strengthen the​ and​ body and​ improve overall health.

Power Yoga Physical Activity And Meditation For A Overall Health

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