Postcards The Best Kept Secret Of Modern Marketing

Postcards: the​ Best-Kept Secret of​ Modern Marketing
What can be more effective than a​ brief,​ captivating message printed on​ a​ postcard? It's quick and easy to​ read at​ a​ glance .​
Yeah,​ it​ has a​ friendly feel that appeals to​ the​ emotional side of​ your potential customer as​ well .​
Sure they'll realize it's an​ advertisement right away,​ but it​ has the​ appearance of​ a​ personalized friendly correspondence that is​ pleasant and low pressure .​

No,​ you​ won't close any deals with a​ postcard,​ but you​ can quickly and effectively state the​ offer and its advantages and give them a​ compelling reason to​ get in​ contact with you​ .​
Yep,​ it'll be just enough to​ whet their appetite for more!
People Can't Resist Reading Postcards
How often do you​ get the​ mail,​ look at​ the​ name of​ the​ addressee and pitch the​ envelope and its contents directly into the​ trash? I​ do it​ everyday .​
Yeah,​ who needs more mail to​ sort through with all of​ the​ junk mail that fills our mailboxes and inboxes? What about postcards? envelope to​ hide the​ contents...just the​ flip of​ a​ small piece of​ paper...and yep,​ you've read it!
It just makes good horse sense that the​ advertisements that get read are going to​ bring more response than those that don't .​
Yeah,​ no rocket science involved here! Postcards are much more likely to​ get read than other mail or​ email...the curiosity factor combined with the​ ease of​ reading,​ work together to​ make these extremely effective marketing tools.
Postcards Save you​ Money
Add 4 to​ 9 cents in​ printing costs,​ and 23 cent postage.. .​
and yeah,​ postcards are extremely inexpensive advertisements! Think friendly...which provides a​ more personal feeling...the little bars and lines of​ prepaid postage,​ or​ the​ colorful design of​ a​ stamp .​
Yeah,​ you​ can invest a​ little extra time in​ placing stamps on​ each card and create a​ personalized affect that won't go unnoticed!
Watch out for cheap immitations! Modern postcards are high impact creations .​
We're not talking about old-fashioned.. .​
home printed.. .​
uneven edged catastrophies here .​
the​ postcards of​ today have tones so vivid they jump off the​ paper at​ you,​ and pictures so realistic you​ could pick the​ flower of​ the​ page and put on​ your kitchen table .​
For the​ miniscule amount of​ money you​ MIGHT save.. .​
if​ you​ don't make too many mistakes along the​ way...heck,​ I​ say just order them! Yeah,​ let the​ printer do all the​ hard work while you​ rake in​ the​ profits they'll bring in

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