Postcard Marketing Done Right

Postcard Marketing Done Right
Say it​ with a​ post card .​
a​ well designed,​ colorful,​ high impact postcard in​ the​ mail box of​ your prospect is​ your best ticket to​ a​ new customer .​
For your existing customer,​ a​ marketing campaign which includes frequent post cards is​ the​ perfect start to​ new sales - this is​ one of​ the​ key small business marketing strategies.

For the​ recipient:
• You don't have to​ open a​ post card!
• You see it​ right away,​ the​ bright picture is​ not hidden from view by an​ envelope .​
• The message leaps right out and you​ can't ignore it​ or​ throw it​ in​ the​ trash unopened (the fate of​ many bulk mail pieces) .​
For the​ marketer:
• Save money .​
You can mail a​ post card 1st class for less than the​ cheapest letter rate .​
• No stuffing required .​
Postcards win out on​ all counts .​

Check out the​ following case study .​

Here is​ what one successful postcard marketer had to​ say:
The immediate result was many times more than we had expected and we even had to​ reduce the​ number of​ postcards going out each week because we had more calls than we could handle .​
We've always heard that a​ 1-2% response is​ considered very good for a​ mailing but we are getting at​ least triple that amount!
To give you​ some idea,​ the​ first week's mailing went out to​ our oldest customer account,​ most of​ whom hadn't done business with us for over a​ year .​
The first week after the​ post cards went out we got a​ 3% response on​ those accounts .​
And 6 weeks later we are still getting calls from those accounts .​
I​ also know that it​ takes time for the​ response to​ build and just this past week,​ the​ 6th or​ 7th week since we started mailing the​ postcards,​ we increased from the​ 23 calls in​ per hour average we saw at​ the​ beginning of​ this month to​ 45 calls per hour in​ at​ the​ end of​ the​ month .​

That's almost 900 calls in​ per week more than just 4 weeks ago .​
We're already planning our next post card mailing and are quite certain that this was one of​ the​ best investments in​ promotion to​ our existing customers we have ever made .​
Ron Nedd at​ Kevis Rejuvenation Programs,​ Inc.,​ Beverly Hills,​ California
Now that is​ postcard marketing done right!

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