Posh Pool Table Covers The Latest Trend In Customized Décor

Posh Pool Table Covers The Latest Trend In Customized Décor

The Advantage of​ Using Pool Table Covers

As anyone who owns a​ pool or​ billiards table (http://www.houston-pool-tables.com/) can tell you, the decorative game table is​ usually considered a​ prized possession, as​ well as​ the focus of​ the room in​ which it​ is​ kept. Maintaining the beauty and​ functionality of​ the pool table means keeping it​ free of​ spills, stains and​ damage. The ongoing quality of​ your​ pool table can be significantly increased through the use of​ pool table covers . Available in​ a​ wide range of​ styles, materials and​ prices, pool table covers are a​ wise investment for​ any serious pool table owner.

Types of​ Pool Table Covers

Pool table covers are sold in​ a​ variety of​ materials and​ styles. Regardless of​ your​ room decoration​ or​ budgetary concerns, finding a​ pool table cover to​ fit your​ needs is​ a​ simple process. All you​ need to​ know is​ the dimensions of​ your​ pool table and​ you're all set. Standard pool table covers come in​ sizes ranging from 7ft to​ 9ft, but customized, fitted covers are also an​ option​ to​ consider. While many covers come in​ the traditional green of​ pool felt, more expressive colors and​ patterned pool table covers are the latest trend. to​ begin​ your​ search, you​ should decide which cover material best suits your​ décor, your​ personal style and​ your​ budget. Typical cover materials include:

* Basic vinyl – as​ the most cost-effective solution, basic vinyl table protectors are available in​ multiple color options. Providing protection​ for​ the delicate fabric of​ the table surface from drink spills, leaking water and​ pet hair, vinyl pool table covers main​ feature is​ functionality.

* Heavy vinyl – if​ you​ typically have frequent guests and​ provide entertainment in​ the room where your​ pool table is​ located, you​ might want to​ consider a​ heavier vinyl cover for​ added durability.

* Cloth – While cloth pool table covers don't offer as​ much protection​ as​ vinyl, they do provide a​ more aesthetic presentation. Typical fabrics include crushed velvet, suede and​ satin​ type material that add a​ luxurious element to​ your​ game room. Cloth table covers are available in​ many different colors to​ suit your​ palette and​ can also feature pool-themed patterns.

* Leather/Leatherette – Top-of-the-line pool table covers are those fashioned from leather and​ leatherette materials. Featuring both durability and​ good looks, leather style pool table covers add elegance to​ any room.

Customized Pool Table Covers and​ Other Options

Aside from the vast array of​ standard pool table covers , you​ also have the option​ of​ having a​ customized pool table cover created to​ fit your​ table. you​ can select the material, the color and​ the proportions and​ the cover will be created to​ exact specifications. The fitted corners of​ a​ custom pool table cover provide additional protection​ for​ the wood, as​ well as​ decreasing the chances of​ the cover slipping off. your​ pool table is​ an​ investment, don't let careless treatment ruin​ the beauty and​ use you​ can get out it​ for​ years to​ come.

Posh Pool Table Covers The Latest Trend In Customized Décor

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