Port Authority Shirts And The Workplace Answers To 5 Common Questions

Port Authority Shirts and the​ Workplace: Answers to​ 5 Common Questions
Business owners and managers sometimes miss golden opportunities to​ reinforce their brand and the​ image of​ professionalism for employees in​ the​ public eye .​
One such opportunity is​ the​ use of​ workplace clothing and custom corporate apparel,​ such as​ Port Authority shirts .​
Here are answers to​ five common questions about Port Authority shirts and custom corporate apparel .​
1 .​
When I​ think of​ workplace uniforms,​ I​ think of​ heavy-duty fabrics .​
How is​ corporate apparel different?
While rugged fabrications are appropriate for workers in​ certain types of​ jobs,​ corporate apparel is​ designed with fashion and comfort in​ mind .​
For example,​ there are a​ variety of​ Port Authority shirts,​ some of​ which are appropriate for casual office wear and others that offer a​ more professional look .​
Men's Silk Touch Sports Shirts,​ for example,​ are short-sleeved and made from a​ lightweight poly/cotton pique,​ whereas Easy Care Shirts are long-sleeved and feature box back pleats,​ button-down collars,​ adjustable cuffs,​ and a​ single patch pocket .​
For women,​ Ladies Open Neck Blouses have a​ collar,​ front and back darts,​ and long sleeves .​
They are also available with three-quarter sleeves with fashion cuffs .​
The poly/cotton fabrication of​ these shirts makes them wrinkle- and shrink-resistant,​ while providing a​ look that's always fresh .​
2 .​
Aren't uniforms more readily associated with industrial and delivery companies,​ or​ those who are in​ blue collar jobs?
While uniforms and blue collar work go hand-in-hand,​ many white collar employees appreciate the​ ease and comfort of​ wearing custom corporate apparel .​
In fact,​ many who work out in​ the​ field give positive reports about the​ aura of​ authority and expertise that such apparel conveys .​
In addition,​ many medical and dentistry professionals say that having employees wear custom apparel lends a​ casual professionalism to​ the​ office atmosphere while allowing them to​ bypass personnel issues that arise as​ the​ result of​ enforcing dress codes.
3 .​
My employees range in​ size from petite to​ very large .​
Some wear plus size clothing .​
Wouldn't it​ be impossible to​ find one shirt that works for everyone?
Not at​ all! Silk Touch Port Authority shirts,​ for example,​ come in​ sizes ranging from Small to​ 10XL,​ and also are available in​ Tall sizes .​
4 .​
is​ it​ possible to​ buy shirts that reflect both our company colors and our company logo and name?
Absolutely! Port Authority shirts come in​ 20 different colors,​ while custom embroidery is​ both stunning and affordable.
5 .​
How can custom corporate apparel reinforce our company's brand awareness?
Custom corporate apparel can enhance your company's brand awareness in​ a​ number of​ ways .​
Embroidered logos or​ company names announce your brand to​ your customers or​ clients .​
In addition,​ you can use customized Port Authority shirts as​ promotional items and giveaways for trade shows,​ community events,​ charitable work,​ and contests .​
Whether you have ten employees or​ 10,​000,​ custom corporate apparel has a​ number of​ advantages,​ from standardizing dress codes to​ creating a​ corporate image to​ reinforcing brand awareness.

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