Points To Ponder When Selecting Baby Crib

A baby crib is​ your​ baby’s first furniture. it​ is​ the only item in​ the world that you​ are intending to​ leave your​ baby unattended for​ periods of​ time. That is​ the more reason​ to​ buy only cribs that are safest. The baby crib will also be the place where your​ child will be spending most of​ the time. Cribs are expected to​ be of​ use until the child is​ about two to​ three years old when the baby is​ prepared to​ be sleeping in​ a​ real bed.

Baby crib standards for​ manufacture have been at​ work since 1973. Old cribs therefore should already be discarded in​ favor of​ the newer designs that meet safety standards. Parents are lavish when it​ comes to​ providing for​ their children. and​ so it​ is​ expected that parents will want the best baby crib. you​ can always opt to​ buy the most expensive baby crib and​ parents whenever they can afford it​ will always try their hardest to​ provide for​ their children what they think is​ best.

The best for​ your​ child is​ not necessarily mean the expensive kind as​ features has to​ take a​ back seat when it​ comes to​ safety. There are standards that should be observed when selecting a​ baby crib.


The Consumers Products Safety Commission​ has mandatory safety standards and​ good baby crib manufacturer subject each crib to​ tests before they put it​ out into the market. Any crib therefore that is​ in​ circulation​ should have the seal of​ passing the mandatory standards.
All finishes, paints, stains, lacquer etc. must be lead free. Baby’s love to​ bite and​ put into their mouths anything that fancies them. you​ would not want your​ baby chewing on​ materials with lead content.

Be on​ the lookout for​ warped slats and​ weak rails as​ even the most expensive is​ subject to​ human errors. it​ is​ not only the baby’s weight that the crib could be supporting. you​ could be leaning into it​ when picking up the child and​ your​ added weight might break a​ weak rail and​ could injure both you​ and​ your​ child.

Avoid also decorations that could trap your​ baby. Everything could be working fine in​ the earlier months but when the baby starts to​ grow and​ become active, fancy decorations could injure the child.

Do not settle for​ baby cribs made from inferior woods. Inferior woods could be cheaper but it​ will not provide the stability that you​ might need. Remember the crib that was passed on​ and​ used from sibling to​ sibling? Baby cribs are like that. your​ next children could be using the same crib and​ if​ you​ do not check out for​ stability, well you​ know what usually happens.
Some of​ the mandatory standard for​ cribs design that should help you​ during your​ selection.

-Distances between slats should be not more than 2 3/8 inches.

-The top of​ the drop sides when in​ raised position​ should be at​ least 26 inches above the support from the lowest position.

-Drop sides must be not less than 9 inches above the mattress support.

-The size of​ the frame should at​ least be 27 ¾ inches wide and​ 51 ¾ inches long.

It is​ always best to​ buy cribs months before your​ child is​ born. Cribs are not staples in​ many stores and​ when you​ have a​ particular baby crib in​ mind, locating a​ particular baby crib could be difficult and​ time consuming.

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