Points To Be Followed Before Learning Yoga

Points To Be Followed Before Learning Yoga

Once you have decided to​ practice yoga for better living and spiritual health,​ you need to​ take care of​ the​ following points so as​ to​ prevent injuries to​ your physical self:

• Physical condition of​ the​ individual: usually,​ it​ is​ recommended that people with normal health do yoga practice. But if​ you are suffering from some physical problems and are using yoga to​ cure it,​ you need to​ follow certain precautions since performing yoga practices without proper precautions may lead to​ harmful effects on​ the​ body. This is​ because the​ internal organs like the​ heart,​ lungs,​ kidneys etc. are involved and may get harmed if​ you do not practice yoga properly. Hence it​ is​ recommended that you follow the​ yoga techniques under expert guidance.

• Right advice: it​ is​ important for you to​ get the​ proper instructor to​ teach you the​ yoga techniques. Usually,​ people who choose the​ profession of​ a​ yoga teacher do not understand the​ scientific basis behind the​ yoga practice and just impose their opinions and likes and dislikes on​ the​ students. They bring an​ element of​ mystery,​ charge exorbitant fees and introduce rites and rituals which are not a​ part of​ yoga.

• Age and sex: yoga can be practiced by anybody irrespective of​ age and sex. However it​ is​ important to​ note that certain yoga techniques should not be followed under certain circumstances. Women,​ who are pregnant or​ menstruating,​ should avoid the​ poses which lay a​ great stress on​ the​ abdomen. Children below eight years should not practice any yogic technique but yogic breathing should be introduced only after twelve years. Very young and old should avoid the​ poses with the​ intense twists. After a​ certain age,​ avoid strenuous practice but you can practice pranayam,​ dhyana and simple postures.

• Place and surroundings: the​ place for yoga should be well protected from,​ animals,​ rodents and insects. if​ you choose the​ indoor room,​ keep it​ well lit and it​ should be airy. if​ you choose the​ outdoors,​ the​ surroundings should be quiet. But avoid the​ outdoors if​ it​ is​ cold,​ rainy or​ very hot.
The ground chosen should be plain and flat.

• Time: Morning is​ the​ ideal time for practice since it​ incorporates regularity,​ but evening time can also be chosen since the​ body is​ already warmed up. Your stomach should not be completely full. So if​ you have had a​ meal,​ you can perform yoga after five hours.

• Diet: Take simple and nutritious diet. Do not overeat. Keep chillies and spices to​ the​ minimum. it​ is​ not important to​ be vegetarians but do not eat more than your body’s requirements.

• Interval: it​ is​ advisable to​ be regular but if​ for some reason like a​ lot of​ work in​ office or​ sickness or​ any other reason you need to​ skip a​ day or​ two,​ it​ is​ fine. But once the​ reason is​ over,​ go back to​ your original routine. Avoid taking long and frequent gaps.

• Clothing: Choose light and loose fitting clothes. if​ you live in​ a​ hot climate,​ you can opt for the​ sleeveless shirt or​ a​ vest. However,​ in​ temperate climate,​ your clothing should offer protection against the​ cold weather but at​ the​ same time,​ they should not hinder your movements.

• the​ seat: Always perform the​ yoga practice on​ a​ mat or​ a​ carpet but never on​ an​ uncovered floor.

• the​ order of​ different techniques: When you are combining different techniques like surya namaskar,​ weight training etc. with yoga,​ keep a​ rest period of​ fifteen minutes between the​ two. Within the​ yoga practice,​ start off by postural techniques,​ followed by breathing techniques and the​ techniques of​ mental concentration in​ the​ mentioned order.

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