Podcast Software 278

Podcast Software
There are many podcast software programs available to
use .​
Many of​ them are even free .​
Because of​ the
decentralized,​ geek adopted nature of​ podcasting,​ a
wide variety of​ programs are available,​ from large
programs with a​ big footprint that do many different
jobs to​ tiny little software packages that do the​ bare
minimum .​
a​ package is​ available for podcast
subscribers of​ almost any type,​ and more are being
created everyday .​
While some podcast software is​ designed for home user
computers,​ much of​ it​ is​ designed to​ be used online.
There are many packages created so that feed
subscribers can view the​ podcasts they enjoy from
within a​ web browser .​
These software packages contain
both the​ feed reader like the​ home user software does,​
but usually also incorporate a​ way to​ view or​ listen to
the podcasts online from inside the​ browser .​
Much of
this software is​ used at​ the​ podcast directories that
maintain listings of​ podcast feeds.
Another type of​ online podcast software is​ the​ category
of feed creators .​
PHP scripting is​ usually used to​ create
the RSS file that tells the​ feed readers where to
download the​ podcasts from .​
The scripting can either
create a​ hard copy of​ the​ RSS file and write it​ to​ the
server disk when the​ feed is​ updated,​ or​ it​ can make it
virtually .​
When the​ RSS file is​ generated virtually,​ it
doesn't actually exist on​ the​ host's server .​
Instead,​ the
address of​ the​ PHP script is​ distributed as​ the​ address of
the feed .​
When the​ script is​ accessed,​ it​ generates the
file by looking at​ the​ recent posts at​ the​ site and sends
the results to​ the​ feed subscriber.

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