Play Online Games And Make Some Nice Money Too

Play Online Games And Make Some Nice Money Too

With the​ Online Games Sector growing faster than the​ Internet itself this business will be the​ next big online money maker.

The Internet is​ the​ fastest-growing market in​ the​ history of​ the​ WORLD,​ but just this one sector has been growing FOUR TIMES FASTER than the​ Internet overall. People aren't just using the​ web for information anymore; they now see it​ as​ a​ prime deliverer of​ entertainment. It's even eating into TV-viewing figures,​ and therefore also TV advertising revenue. Meanwhile,​ in-game advertising is​ predicted to​ grow by 70% year-on-year,​ to​ be worth USD billions in​ three years. It's no wonder that TV companies are scrambling for a​ piece of​ online games real estate – buying companies,​ launching games platforms,​ and putting their content online in​ interactive form.

The potential reach of​ the​ Internet is​ staggering. With broadband (and therefore quicker web access) reaching ever more homes and Internet cafés,​ the​ popularity of​ live interaction with other people online is​ exploding.

The speed of​ people's home Internet connections is​ driving this market. in​ America,​ nearly 75% of​ Internet users had broadband at​ home last year,​ up from 57% just one year earlier…and Internet users in​ India increased by 54% in​ just one year.

Alex Burmaster,​ European Internet Analyst,​ Nielsen//NetRatings (a global leader in​ Internet media and market research) said,​ "Take the​ fact that the​ online games sector is​ growing at​ four times the​ rate of​ overall Internet growth together with the​ increasing numbers…online and it​ is​ easy to​ see why companies such as​ MTV Networks are looking to​ get a​ piece of​ the​ action."

The online games sector has been identified as​ the​ next step in​ the​ evolution of​ online entertainment,​ and people of​ all ages,​ from all over the​ world,​ play in​ their millions. And within this sector,​ "casual skill-based games" rank as​ one of​ the​ most popular pastimes.

What are casual games of​ skill?
Casual games are familiar,​ fun pastimes such as:

Board games like draughts,​ backgammon
Sports games like pool,​ golf and basketball
Puzzle games like jigsaws and word games
These are played online in​ a​ tournament format,​ with each player paying a​ cash entry fee to​ play,​ and with a​ cash or​ merchandise prize going to​ the​ winner or​ winners of​ the​ tournament. Skill-based games are named accordingly because the​ outcome of​ each competition is​ based on​ the​ players' ability and performance,​ with any elements of​ luck either eliminated. This is​ critical,​ in​ order to​ be legal and avoid falling under anti-gambling statutes.

People like to​ play these games on​ their computers for a​ fun challenge. Playing them online against someone else adds an​ extra social,​ competitive element; and playing for cash prizes between USD$1 and $1,​000 upwards makes them even more exciting and rewarding!

What does all of​ this mean? it​ means that online games are where the​ money is. People are willing to​ pay to​ play,​ and they are doing it​ already. Interesting fact?

Play Online Games And Make Some Nice Money Too

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