Planning For Your Hair Transplant Surgery

Planning for​ Your Hair Transplant Surgery
It takes courage to​ take the​ first steps in​ going through with hair transplant surgery. Planning for​ the​ procedure is​ necessary before you​ even make the​ final decision to​ have it​ done. Once that step is​ completed,​ you​ will be ready to​ start the​ preparations for​ your surgery.
Before you​ are approved for​ a​ hair transplant procedure,​ the​ doctor will have to​ sign off on​ you. you​ must be deemed appropriate for​ the​ surgery. it​ may seem that everyone would be approved,​ but there are several reasons why you​ may not be.
The doctor will explore both the​ hair loss you​ have suffered,​ and the​ hair growth you​ still have. This is​ very important,​ because knowing where the​ donor hair for​ the​ hair transplant will come from is​ imperative.
The doctor will also want to​ know the​ patterns of​ baldness and hair growth in​ your family history. This will give an idea of​ whether there is​ hope for​ a​ good result that will last for​ a​ fair amount of​ time. you​ will also need to​ reveal to​ the​ doctor if​ you​ have had any hair replacement surgery before.
To get an idea of​ how you​ will react to​ having a​ hair transplant procedure done,​ the​ doctor will ask many questions. He will want to​ know the​ basics of​ your lifestyle as​ they relate to​ your health and hair.
The doctor will also want to​ know what you​ think will change when you​ have your hair transplant. if​ your expectations are too high,​ you​ may be referred to​ counseling before a​ reputable doctor will perform a​ hair transplant. if​ you​ are positive yet realistic,​ you​ may be ready for​ the​ next step.
Next,​ the​ doctor will get all the​ facts on​ your health that are related with surgical procedures. Uncontrolled high blood pressure would be a​ problem. if​ you​ are on​ anticlotting medications such as​ Coumadin,​ you​ would have to​ stop taking them for​ awhile before having a​ hair transplant.
People who have a​ history of​ excessive scarring might want to​ think twice about getting a​ hair transplant. Scars are usually a​ part of​ the​ procedure because the​ donor hair is​ taken from the​ back and sides of​ the​ scalp. There,​ scars are formed when it​ is​ removed.
If you​ get this far into the​ plan and are approved for​ surgery,​ the​ doctor will begin to​ discuss the​ day of​ the​ hair transplant itself. you​ will be assessed and told exactly what hair transplant procedure will be done. the​ doctor will discuss where this procedure is​ to​ take place.
The doctor will give you​ information like how long it​ will take for​ you​ to​ treat you​ transplants like normal hair. He will also give you​ an idea how different you​ will look after the​ hair transplant.
Getting a​ hair transplant is​ a​ big step,​ but with good planning,​ you​ can be sure you​ are making the​ right decision. Any respectable doctor will work with your wellbeing in​ mind to​ make sure you​ are doing the​ right thing.

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