Photography Means Writing With Light

Photography Means Writing With Light

Photography Means Writing With Light
Did you know that Photography literally means Writing with light? That is​ correct .​
The word Photo means light and its suffix graphy means writing .​
Hence a​ graphologist is​ a​ handwriting analyst .​
Bet you did not know that .​
So,​ effective use of​ light is​ at​ the​ heart of​ good photography .​
With the​ fancy gadgetry that is​ overtaking the​ world of​ photography,​ it​ is​ time to​ go back to​ the​ basics .​
Learn that photography is​ all about using light effectively .​
Where am I​ going with this? Well,​ I​ think that with the​ increased emphasis on​ the​ number of​ MegaPixels and the​ intellect-snaring delusion that nirvana in​ photography is​ achieved by photoshop-ing,​ we​ are forgetting the​ basics .​
First things first,​ get the​ light,​ right .​
Should be obvious,​ right? When you are writing with light,​ you should be concerned with the​ quantity,​ location,​ nature,​ and quality of​ light.
Here are some basics:
1) If shooting a​ human subject take special care of​ how light causes shadows on​ different parts of​ the​ subjects face.
2) Be sensitive to​ hot spots being created in​ different parts of​ your photograph .​
Surely you do not want a​ shiny distractive element in​ your photo.
3) Look at​ your complete frame and see how light plays with; either by attenuating or​ amplifying; different elements .​
If a​ background element is​ being overplayed or​ under-emphasized,​ you are doing something wrong.
4) Not all your photography mistakes can be done away with on​ Photoshop .​
For instance,​ an​ image processing algorithm can never undo the​ crime of​ shooting when the​ color temperature is​ not appropriate.
5) Use a​ flash,​ but only if​ you have to​ .​
And then use a​ professional flash .​
The real cheap ones or​ the​ inbuilt fluorescent ones will make your pictures look unreal and also make them unappealing.
6) Make use of​ the​ best light source -- the​ Sun .​
Used effectively,​ it​ generates the​ best pictures.
Here is​ to​ your great handwriting -- using light.

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