Persuading Customers Who Ignore Marketing

Persuading Customers who Ignore Marketing
Today's consumers know marketing when they see it-and often they choose to​ ignore it .​
a​ new book looks at​ ways to​ use the​ Web and emerging mass-marketing tools to​ reach those customers and hold their attention .​
Called Waiting for Your Cat to​ Bark? Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing (Nelson Business,​ $19.99),​ the​ book was written by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg-the authors of​ the​ Wall Street Journal and the​ New York Times best-selling Call to​ Action .​
The authors reveal how to​ leverage the​ power of​ increasingly interconnected media channels by viewing marketing systems through the​ lens of​ what they call Persuasion Architecture .​
It highlights ways to:
Accelerate the​ persuasive momentum that drives customers to​ take action .​
Plug holes in​ your marketing message .​
Map the​ sales process to​ the​ consumer's buying process .​
Use the​ emerging marketplace to​ your advantage .​
Integrate and optimize cross-channel online and traditional marketing .​
Create predictive models of​ customer behavior .​
Marketers end up wasting lots of​ money--much of​ it​ squandered on​ optimizing Web sites for Google and other search engines .​
Instead of​ making sure that visitors who arrive via a​ search will land at​ the​ right place on​ their Web site,​ and have an​ effective experience from that point on,​ the​ authors say that many marketers are too satisfied with search-generated activity instead of​ demanding business-clinching results.
We have more choices and less patience,​ says Bryan Eisenberg,​ who is​ also chairman of​ the​ Web Analytics Association,​ a​ not-for-profit organization that is​ helping to​ standardize Web-marketing practice and evaluation.
We're in​ a​ world now where word of​ mouth is​ stronger than mass marketing,​ and the​ Internet is​ where that is​ happening .​
This is​ actually making it​ more difficult,​ not easier,​ to​ do effective marketing,​ he says.
Jeffrey Eisenberg adds that most marketers are ill-equipped for this new era of​ marketing .​
And the​ worst thing about it​ is​ that,​ because they're not doing their online marketing effectively,​ their sales results-and salespeople-suffer as​ well.
In Waiting for Your Cat to​ Bark?,​ the​ Eisenbergs explain in​ a​ succinct,​ detailed and entertaining way,​ with plenty of​ illustrations,​ just why Web site marketing has reached this nadir and how Persuasion Architecture provides a​ way to​ turn things around.
The book is​ available wherever books are sold.

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