Personal Rss Feed Reader Software

Personal Rss Feed Reader Software
RSS feed readers offer one of​ the​ most efficient ways to​ follow news,​ web site and software updates,​ newsletters and more .​
Subscribe to​ your favorite site's feeds,​ and your RSS feed reader will go out and check them all for news .​
Then it​ displays new items in​ an​ easy to​ use format .​
Some RSS Feed Readers will let you​ do much more like filtering and searching and archiving and posting.
RSS Feeds Reader are a​ spam-free,​ quick and efficient way to​ read news and weblogs .​
To get the​ most out of​ newsfeeds,​ you​ need a​ powerful aggregator,​ though,​ that lets you​ organize,​ search,​ categorize and use news items just like emails .​
Here are my top picks for reading news on​ Windows.
RSSOwl collect data from RSS-compliant sites are called RSS readers or​ aggregators .​
RSSOwl is​ such an​ application .​
RSSOwl lets you​ gather,​ organize,​ update,​ and store information from any compliant source in​ a​ convenient,​ easy to​ use interface,​ save selected information in​ various formats for offline viewing and sharing,​ and much more .​
It's easy to​ configure,​ available in​ many many languages and the​ best of​ all: It's platform-independent.
Guru News Ticker & RSS Reader displays a​ customizable set of​ news and RSS/XML feeds in​ a​ ticker bar in​ your taskbar or​ as​ browser toolbar (supports IE,​ Firefox and Macthon) .​
The program comes with a​ selection of​ available news sources,​ and you​ can also add any RSS/XML feed of​ your choice .​
It offers article preview on​ mouseover and launches the​ full article when you​ click on​ an​ item .​
You can also customize colors,​ fonts,​ scrolling speed and specify how often news headlines should be updated .​
Additional features include adjustable scroll speed,​ keyword filtering,​ username/password authentication and support for HTTPS servers.
Thingamablog is​ a​ cross-platform,​ blogging application and RSS feed reader .​
It allows you​ to​ easily publish your own weblog without the​ need for any HTML knowledge .​
Unlike most other blog tools,​ it​ does not require the​ use of​ any third party services,​ but publishes the​ blog directly to​ the​ FTP server or​ network location that you​ specify .​
The interface provides a​ neatly organized overview of​ your blogs and a​ word processor like interface to​ create new entries .​
You can chose from several professional template designs,​ and all you​ have to​ do is​ click a​ button and your blog will go online .​
In addition,​ the​ program also allows you​ to​ keep track of​ your favorites XML/RSS feeds with the​ integrated feed reader interface .​
It can also generate a​ RSS compatible version of​ your own blog and import entries from RSS/Atom feeds.
RSS Magnet Reader news aggregator that allows you​ to​ manage web feeds,​ read headlines,​ mark articles for follow-up,​ blog them and more .​
It comes with a​ library of​ popular feeds that you​ can use,​ and you​ can add your own feeds or​ import them from an​ OPML file .​
The program supports keyword watches,​ that allow you​ to​ automatically sort out news items that match your interest,​ as​ well as.
Alnera FeedBuster is​ a​ web feed reader with support for RSS,​ RDF and Atom feeds as​ well as​ OPML import .​
It provides a​ large,​ easy to​ read and use interface that lets you​ access your feeds and preview linked pages with the​ built-in browser display .​
The program can automatically update (all) your feeds every X minutes and notifies you​ from the​ system tray if​ new items are found .​
Alnera FeedBuster comes with support for HTTP authentication,​ but otherwise does not offer any feed specific settings,​ keyword alerts or​ other advanced features .​
If you​ are looking for an​ easy to​ use RSS reader with core functionality and an​ attractive interface,​ give it​ a​ try.
Taskable RSS and OPML Browser is​ a​ small RSS feed reader that works from the​ system tray .​
It lacks all the​ bells and whistles or​ regular RSS readers,​ and is​ limited to​ headline displays .​
You can add your own feeds,​ but other than that there are no options available .​
Useful for those that just want a​ (very) basic feed reader.
RssFeedEater is​ a​ RSS Reader that can gather information from various sites that offer syndicated content (RSS or​ ATOM) .​
The program comes pre-loaded with various feeds in​ several categories .​
You can easily create new feeds for your favorite sites (if they offer it) by simply adding them to​ a​ category .​
RssFeedEater provides a​ clean,​ easy to​ use interface and additional features like headline filtering,​ integration with Blogger,​ built-in browser,​ Blogger publishing and more.
RSS Radio is​ a​ RSS and Atom feed reader that is​ specialized for the​ use with audio podcasts .​
It offers a​ built-in player interface,​ integration with iTunes,​ Windows Media Player,​ jRiver Media Center as​ well as​ right-click subscriptions from IE ad Firefox .​
You can manage your podcasts subscriptions from an​ easy-to-use interface and also add new feeds from the​ integrated podcast directory browser .​
Other features include an​ option to​ stream audio podcasts without having to​ download the​ entire feed,​ integrated BitTorrent client,​ a​ holiday catch-up options,​ download resume,​ OPML export and more.
Download and install your free Personal RSS Feeds Reader today .​
Access thousands of​ RSS and Weblog sources or​ subscribe to​ your own .​
RSS Feeds Reader Software is​ a​ free personal news and information tool that allows you​ to​ search,​ subscribe,​ read and track any of​ syndicated feeds.

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