Performance Driving Burning Rubber

this​ is​ part of​ a​ possible small series of​ articles we are writing for​ the performance minded individuals, you​ can find more at​ Spool Articles
Here at​ Spool we recognize the many and​ different types of​ driving styles there are... drag racing, circuit, time attacks, drifting, rally and​ thousands more. So let us help you​ transfer some of​ the styles that are universal back to​ your​ daily driving of​ your​ sports car.
So let's start with burning rubber! Don't you​ love it​ when you​ smash on​ that throttle, squeal those tires and​ burn 'em rubbers? Yeah, well what you​ just did is​ waste precious seconds from which ever run you​ are making. Why you​ may ask? your​ car doesn't move when you​ "burn rubber", it​ just stays in​ one place, spinning tires while the rest of​ the world passes you​ by.
So you​ are going to​ ask me why do I see professional drivers doing just that part? Well the main​ reason​ and​ I don't think you​ might understand​ are those cars that drive at​ the highest speeds possible don't really use 1st or​ 2nd gear like a​ daily driver does. The gear itself is​ going to​ be "tall", which means that it​ takes a​ lot more gas and​ higher RPM to​ make the car move in​ 1st or​ 2nd. Consequently, the tires will screech no matter what they do or​ not they won't be able to​ keep the engine running at​ such high RPM's.
But what if​ you​ are drag racing? Ah yes the famous burn outs. Now let's take in​ consideration​ that they use an​ extremely soft compound on​ their tires and​ the purpose is​ to​ warm them up so that they become "sticky". Now look at​ what happens when there are going to​ launch for​ their run... Any tire spin​ is​ a​ fatal mistake. So are their benefits of​ such behavior in​ a​ normal daily driving car? That depends on​ your​ compounds. your​ tire manufacturer wants those tires to​ last long so that you​ can say you​ spend $200 dollars on​ tires and​ had to​ replace them after 6 months. So the compounds, comparatively speaking, are a​ lot harder. you​ would have to​ create such a​ burn out that you​ are literally destroying the tires more than you​ would ever want too, but if​ you​ have the money...
So there it​ is​ a​ basic look at​ the pros or​ cons of​ burning rubber or​ burnouts. Now you’re educated and​ can either use our advice or​ throw it​ out the window. Leave your​ comments and​ such, or​ join​ our small community (hopefully to​ be big) at​ Spool Forums to​ have your​ say... Tell them Rex sent you.

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