Perform Your Own Automobile Maintenance

Today’s cars can typically be expected to​ pass the 200,000 mile mark with consistent automobile maintenance. With the price of​ automobiles, you​ will want to​ protect that investment by performing regular maintenance. if​ you​ can do much of​ the work yourself, you​ will save a​ lot of​ money in​ labor. Invest in​ a​ good set of​ tools and​ choose quality parts when performing your​ own automobile maintenance.

if​ you​ have some skill, but want to​ learn more look for​ courses in​ general repairs and​ maintenance. These can often be found at​ your​ local community center, Community College or​ an​ automotive technical school in​ your​ area. Consider investing in​ a​ good repair manual for​ your​ car, such as​ a​ Chilton’s manual. The internet is​ a​ good place to​ look for​ articles and​ information. There are many sites devoted to​ auto repair and​ maintenance.

you​ will want to​ keep track of​ all maintenance performed on​ your​ car. you​ can do this​ in​ a​ log, a​ notebook or​ on​ your​ home computer. There is​ software available to​ help you​ keep track of​ maintenance. These programs track repairs, maintenance, replacement parts used on​ the vehicle and​ fuel consumption. you​ can use the same software for​ multiple vehicles.

Most software allows you​ to​ create a​ service schedule and​ will remind you​ when it’s time to​ perform maintenance tasks on​ each vehicle in​ your​ household. The software contains a​ wide variety of​ tips for​ car care. in​ addition, many have reference and​ diagnostic tools to​ help you​ diagnose various problems with your​ cars. Many companies offer a​ free trial that can be downloaded on​ the internet. this​ allows you​ to​ try out the program before investing your​ money.

your​ owner’s manual will give you​ some basic information​ about when certain​ maintenance tasks should be done. Most tasks will be listed according to​ the mileage on​ the car.

3000 Mile Maintenance

Change the oil in​ your​ engine every 3000 miles. The filter should be changed at​ the same time. Newer synthetic oils are said to​ last longer without breaking down. When you​ change the oil, check the fluids, the air filter, tires, hoses and​ belts. at​ this​ time check the battery cables and​ terminals for​ corrosion. this​ can be removed with a​ wire brush or​ sandpaper.

5000-10,000 Miles:

Have your​ tires rotated and​ balanced every five to​ ten thousand​ miles. this​ helps the tires wear evenly and​ extends the life. The best tires should be put in​ the front of​ the car. Check the tire pressure regularly and​ check the tread for​ signs of​ uneven wear or​ damage.

15,000 Miles:

Change the air filter every 15,000 miles. a​ clean air filter improves the fuel economy of​ your​ car. a​ dirty air filter can cause the engine to​ run rough and​ stall. at​ this​ time you​ should also check the pads and​ shoes on​ your​ brake system. Check the brake fluid and​ top it​ of, as​ needed. The fluid should be clear. if​ you​ notice noise when the brakes are applied or​ the steering wheel shakes or​ vibrates, this​ can be an​ indication​ that the brakes need replacing. in​ this​ case, don’t wait check the brakes and​ replace as​ needed.

30,000 Miles:

Check the fluid level on​ your​ transmission. The owner’s manual will have information​ about the kind of​ fluid that should be used in​ your​ car. The manual should have directions on​ how to​ drain​ and​ replace the fluid. The pan gasket should be changed when the fluid is​ drained. Also at​ this​ time, give the car a​ tune up. Replace all spark plugs and​ wires.

50,000 Miles:

Change the coolant at​ 50,000 miles. See the owner’s manual for​ directions on​ how to​ perform this​ task.

Remember to​ take care of​ your​ car’s finish. you​ want the paint to​ remain​ in​ good condition​ for​ as​ long as​ possible. Wash the car regularly, even in​ the winter when salt from the roads can ruin​ the finish. Apply wax to​ protect the paint from the sun, salt and​ weather conditions. Don’t neglect the headlights, which can become cloudy and​ won’t operate as​ well. New Lite Headlight Cleaner and​ Restorer will return cloudy headlights to​ like new condition. Learn more about this​ product at​

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