Perfect Truths About Yoga

Perfect Truths About Yoga

Perfect Truths about Yoga

Turbaned gurus,​ sing-song mantras and bodily contortions . . . the​ promise of ​ true enlightenment and omphaloskepsis (contemplation of ​ the​ naval) completes the​ cliche. But don't knock yoga till you've tried it,​ and then only with respect.

Yoga means to​ ​ bind together -- variously joining sun and moon,​ left and right,​ male and female,​ and any number of ​ yins and yangs -- through ascetic techniques of ​ meditation and exercise. the​ goal is​ ​ physical and mental balance.

Indian Hatha' yoga is​ ​ best known to​ ​ Westerners. Double-jointedness isn't a ​ prerequisite,​ but the​ classic lotus position,​ cross-legged on​ the​ floor,​ soles-up on​ the​ inner thigh,​ either comes naturally or doesn't.

Then there are more magical/mystical varieties of ​ yoga for which people quit jobs and polite society and retreat to​ ​ the​ Himalayas. But not everyone follows a ​ spiritual guide beyond the​ Beltway; they'd rather take up the​ discipline at a ​ local ashram or the​ Y.

Committed practitioners claim yoga leads to​ ​ intuitive awareness,​ spiritual harmony,​ perfect concentration. Others use it ​ to​ ​ lose weight or quit smoking. Some just like the​ lift they get from yoga asanas (positions) better than breaking into a ​ sweat with pushups. in​ ​ any case,​ it ​ can't hurt,​ if ​ done in​ ​ moderation and with proper guidance.

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