Perfect Toolbar Icons For Software And Web

Perfect Toolbar Icons for Software and Web
Looking for a​ great set of​ pictograms to​ enhance your new software or​ online product? You've come to​ the​ right place! Perfect Toolbar Icons are the​ Perfect choice for a​ software developer or​ Web master looking to​ enhance the​ appeal of​ their new project .​
Ever ordered anything drawn by a​ Web designer? Try getting a​ whole set of​ matching icons drawn for you,​ and you'll see the​ delays slowing down the​ development and the​ bills draw your development budget .​
Why bother ordering your icons created when you​ can get a​ bunch of​ perfectly matching toolbar icons right now,​ right here for a​ moderate fee of​ under $100?
Stop cutting hourly paychecks to​ a​ Web designer! Forget the​ enormous bills! Save weeks with readily available Perfect Toolbar Icons! Come to to​ see what's inside .​
There are hundreds of​ images depicting common objects and concepts such as​ Open,​ Save,​ Chat,​ Clipboard,​ Warning,​ and over a​ hundred more .​
Every image is​ available in​ all common formats from mere 16x16 dots to​ a​ huge 48x48 pixels .​
Windows XP and Vista users will appreciate the​ slick translucency effect available in​ full-color versions of​ Perfect Toolbar Icons,​ while there are still 16 and 256-color versions available and included with your purchase .​
You'll be getting Windows Icon (ICO),​ Bitmap (BMP),​ GIF,​ and PNG files for every icon,​ and receive three versions of​ each image that represent normal,​ disabled and highlighted states .​
Designed exclusively for toolbar and online navigations,​ Perfect Toolbar Icons include every common concept used in​ modern applications .​
Easily recognizable glyphs make your users feel comfortable with your new product or​ service,​ while matching colors and common style make your software look strict and professional .​
What if​ you​ don't need the​ whole set? We're ready to​ serve you​ a​ la carte! Order one or​ more icons for $4 apiece and get each image in​ four file formats,​ two color depths,​ four pixel resolutions and three states - that's a​ whole bunch of​ images for your four bucks! Don't wait,​ come to​ and see what we have to​ offer with your own eyes.

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