People Getting Rich Online Viral Marketing

People Getting Rich Online Viral Marketing

As I mentioned in​ the​ last entry,​ I’ve been speaking with people who are making $5000 - $10,​000 or​ more a​ month online,​ and I’m beginning to​ see some common factors.

You have to​ understand how difficult it​ is​ to​ get people to​ talk to​ you​ about their successes. They remind me of​ the​ inventors I’ve spoken to​ about financing their products — they are deathly afraid that someone will steal their ideas,​ not realizing that their talent is​ part of​ the​ success of​ that idea. Sometimes it​ took several emails,​ an​ IM and a​ lot of​ promises,​ but I got people to​ talk.

One of​ the​ factors that struck me very early is​ the​ fact that most of​ the​ successful people I spoke with use some form of​ viral marketing in​ their advertising and marketing plan.

Viral Marketing is​ a​ marketing strategy that encourages other people to​ spread your marketing message,​ which grows your exposure exponentially. Link exchanges are a​ good example of​ viral marketing,​ because people take the​ link to​ your site and put it​ on​ theirs. When people link to​ their sites,​ they see yours. Then they may take your link and add it​ to​ their site. Just for fun I ran the​ SEOElite backlink checker on​ a​ successful web entrepreneur’s site. There were 1498 different sites that had his URL in​ them. Not bad. Affiiate programs are also viral in​ nature.

The guru of​ viral marketing has to​ be Dr. Ralph Wilson. you​ should definitely visit his WilsonWeb site. There are many terrific articles there.

These are Dr. Wilson’s six elements of​ a​ viral marketing strategy:

1. Give away products or​ services
2. Provide for effortless transfer to​ others
3. Scale easily from small to​ very large
4. Exploit common motivations and behaviors
5. Utilize existing communication networks
6. Leverage the​ resources of​ others

Viral Marketing seems to​ be an​ integral part of​ making a​ lot of​ money online. it​ could be as​ simple as​ trading a​ small banner or​ button for a​ directory listing (Income: $8000 a​ month),​ or​ offering webmasters a​ cut of​ your earnings to​ get them to​ your website to​ view your content and then buy (Income: $4000 a​ month). in​ fact,​ doesn’t that second business model describe Chitika,​ the​ ill-fated PPC network?

Multiple tier affiliate programs,​ where you​ get a​ cut of​ the​ income from people you​ get to​ sign up,​ are other examples of​ viral marketing.

You don’t have to​ do anything quite as​ dramatic,​ but I think it​ would be a​ smart idea to​ come up with some viral marketing elements for your own web site. Here are a​ few suggestions:

1. Write articles and get them posted on​ free article sites. Make the​ content compelling and the​ title provocative and interesting. Make sure at​ least one link appears in​ the​ article.

2. Install a​ ‘email this page to​ a​ friend’ script or​ plugin. There are plenty of​ them out there on​ the​ Internet.

3. Come up with a​ free product,​ utility or​ service that will promote your business,​ and encourage people to​ distribute it. Even if​ you​ have to​ pay for one to​ be made,​ it​ will be worth it.

4. Write for free on​ a​ well-known site in​ your area of​ expertise,​ especially one with a​ newsletter or​ free article distribution. This is​ a​ terrific way to​ perpetuate your site virally.

5. Put together an​ affiliate program that gets your banner on​ websites. if​ you​ have a​ unique utility,​ service or​ information source,​ you​ can get webmasters to​ put up a​ small box,​ banner or​ chicklet that has a​ link to​ your site.

Viral marketing can make you​ rich…I’ve seen the​ examples. the​ reason is​ simple…you are giving people something for free that they perceive as​ valuable,​ and they are telling other people how smart they are for getting something for free. in​ order to​ tell other people they have to​ mention you. It’s brilliant.

People Getting Rich Online Viral Marketing

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