People Are Moving Out Of The City.

People Are Moving Out Of The City.

Americans leaving the nation’s big cities in​ search of​ cheaper homes

The Census Bureau measured domestic migration​ -people moving within​ the United States - and​ discovered that nearly every large metropolitan area had more people move out than move in​ from 2000 to​ 2018.

The report provides the number of​ people moving into and​ out of​ each state, and​ the 25 largest metropolitan areas. The states that lost an​ important part of​ their residents are California, New York and​ Illinois, while those that attracted the most new residents are Arizona, Florida and​ Nevada.

Many Americans are moving from large metropolitan areas to​ bordering counties for​ cheaper homes and​ more space. Among the 25 largest metropolitan areas, 18 had more people move out than move in​ from 2000 to​ 2018. Domestic moves have a​ great impact on​ the biggest metropolitan areas - New York, Los Angeles and​ Chicago. The New York area alone had a​ loss of​ 211,000 residents during the 4 year interval.

Westerners are moving inland. North-Easterners are moving West or​ South. and​ just about everywhere, people are escaping to​ the outer suburbs, also known as​ exurbs.

William Frey, demographer at​ the Brookings Institution​ explains that this​ is​ “a middle class flight, a​ flight for​ housing affordability. It's not just white middle class, it's blacks and​ hispanics, too.”

Housing prices are soaring in​ the metropolitan areas, even as​ the population​ shrinks. this​ is​ because of​ the smaller, wealthier households that replace larger families in​ many big metropolitan areas and​ continually bid up prices. in​ response to​ that, middle class people are forced to​ move out to​ the exurbs in​ search of​ more affordable homes.

High housing costs on​ both coasts drove more Americans to​ cheaper cities nearby. One big winner is​ the inland​ Riverside, Calif., area. it​ continued to​ attract residents from the Southern California coast from 2000 to​ 2018, experts say. The area has total gain​ of​ 81,000 people a​ year from 2000 to​ 2018 and​ has become the 13th largest metropolitan area in​ the United States. It’s a​ short drive to​ several mountain​ ranges, and​ it’s within​ driving distance of​ the beach. Locally, it​ is​ known as​ the Inland​ Empire.

Homes in​ Riverside had a​ median price of​ 374,200 in​ 2018. That's not cheap, but it's certainly less expensive than $529,000, the median price of​ homes in​ Los Angeles. “in​ Riverside you’re able to​ obtain​ a​ very large home for​ a​ much lower price than elsewhere along the beaches and​ coastlines of​ Southern California”, says Cindy Roth, president of​ the Greater Riverside Chambers of​ Commerce.

Other areas that attracted a​ lot of​ new residents are Phoenix, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla., Atlanta and​ Dallas-Fort Worth. They have relatively inexpensive homes, and​ that's the most important reason​ for​ many middle class Americans to​ move in​ such areas.

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