Pegasus Opera Ii Business Accounting Software

Pegasus Opera II Business Accounting Software
Standing as​ the​ fastest selling accounting software,​ with over 50 enhancements and a​ polished,​ professional new interface,​ Pegasus Opera II Business Accounting Software has gained a​ massive 20,​000 users in​ the​ last two years.
Pegasus is​ committed to​ excellence and has risen to​ become an​ industry expert with well over 20 years of​ experience .​
Pegasus is​ award wining in​ customer service and accredited by the​ Inland Revenue.
So what can Pegasus do for you? It has been redeveloped as​ a​ 32-bit product,​ making it​ a​ powerful Microsoft Windows compatible product,​ delivering a​ 32-bit solution .​
It integrates fully with your other Microsoft Office products and provides clear data that is​ up-to-date,​ meaning tracking stock,​ searching for BACS payments and browsing purchase history is​ just a​ click away.
The alerting and scheduling tools that you​ get with Pegasus Opera II Business Accounting Software allow you​ to​ improve the​ productivity of​ your business through tact and strategy when it​ comes to​ planning.
Pegasus Opera II keeps you​ on​ pace with your competition and the​ market,​ allowing you​ to​ take advantage of​ the​ opportunities as​ they arise.
Its advanced modular design means that you​ can add modules and expand functionality as​ your business needs grow .​
Pegasus Opera II offers your business more than just Accounting,​ it​ gives you; Financial and business management,​ eCommerce,​ Payroll and HR as​ well as​ Manufacturing.
Pegasus helps you​ to​ run your business more effectively and also more profitably .​
While you​ are busy being productive,​ Pegasus will be keeping an​ eye on​ the​ everyday running of​ your business,​ with management information at​ your fingertips.
Despite of​ the​ size of​ your company,​ it​ is​ possible to​ adapt Pegasus Opera II to​ fit the​ precise needs of​ your business .​
It gives you​ increased flexibility and wider access to​ management information as​ well as​ saving you​ time.
Since Pegasus Opera II is​ internet and email enabled it​ means that reports,​ sales and purchase documents,​ etc can be emailed to​ customers and suppliers .​
Other features of​ Pegasus Opera II are; cash management facilities,​ sales history,​ VAT 100 reporting,​ price lists,​ discount matrix,​ stock traceability,​ purchase invoice register,​ budgeting,​ real time updates,​ Electronic Payments/BACS,​ advanced POP,​ management reports and nominal consolidation.
Since 1982,​ Pegasus Software has been developing market leading financial management software,​ with Opera II being the​ focus of​ a​ significant amount of​ development .​
Building on​ its already strong foundations,​ it​ is​ clearly focused on​ the​ needs of​ businesses and delivers the​ market leading SME product.
By adding Pegasus Opera II to​ your organisation it​ will give you​ the​ ability you​ need and match the​ requirements you​ have .​
It is​ the​ most flexible and adaptable accounting and business solutions you​ can buy.
Pegasus Opera II is​ designed to​ grow with your business .​
It has an​ open architecture,​ allowing more information to​ be processed concurrently,​ creating a​ greater utilisation of​ hardware and operating systems.
Its flexible reporting and analysis functions put you​ in​ control of​ your business .​
It ensures your organisation operates as​ efficiently as​ possible through being a​ financial and business management solution.
Pegasus Opera II demonstrates a​ real competitive edge .​
It meets more business requirements than any other accounting system,​ helping customers manage their business to​ their full potential.

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