Pda Maintenance And Security

PDA Maintenance and​ Security
A greatly overlooked element of​ owning a​ PDA is​ that you​ actually need to​ take care of​ them if​ you​ want them to​ last .​
for​ most people this​ will mean two things – getting some software protection​ for​ your​ PDA and​ getting it​ a​ physical case to​ stop it​ getting knocked around.
As everyone knows, desktop and​ laptop computers need to​ be protected with firewalls and​ antivirus software .​
With so much malware, spyware and​ adware around it​ is​ pretty much a​ necessity .​
Unfortunately the same thing has to​ be done for​ your​ PDA .​
a​ good money saving tip is​ to​ search for​ software that can be used on​ both your​ computer and​ your​ PDA .​
There are tons of​ options available with Avast4 PDA Edition​ and​ Airscanner software both being very popular choices for​ protecting PDAs .​
Installing this​ software should be very high on​ your​ agenda when getting a​ new PDA as​ an​ unsecured device is​ just as​ vulnerable to​ attack as​ an​ unsecured PC.
The other thing you​ will need to​ consider is​ some physical protection​ for​ your​ PDA .​
The fact is​ that PDAs will get knocked around a​ lot in​ general use (even more if​ you​ are a​ PDA addict!) .​
for​ this​ there are luckily an​ incredible amount of​ choices .​
you​ can go with a​ soft case or​ a​ hard case .​
The choice should really depend on​ how heavily you​ use the PDA – with heavier users perhaps being well-advised to​ stick with hard cases .​
Soft cases are fine for​ general users, but obviously they will not stand​ up to​ the same level of​ abuse as​ a​ hard case .​
of​ course having a​ cool looking case is​ important too! Luckily there are no shortage of​ funky cases either!
By protecting your​ PDA both physically and​ from a​ software point of​ view you​ will extend its effective life significantly .​
As with any investment it​ is​ wise to​ protect it​ and​ get your​ money’s worth!

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