Paul Mitchell Haircare 03

Are you​ a​ hair fanatic? It seems like all the​ women I​ know are obsessed with their hair .​
Take my wife for​ example .​
The lady purchases so many darn shampoos .​
One week it's a​ shower rack full of​ Paul Mitchell haircare products,​ the​ next week it's Aveda .​
Let me tell ya,​ the​ process never ends .​
I​ honestly believe the​ woman is​ addicted to​ hair care .​
Being a​ man with short hair,​ I'm not seeing the​ desire .​
I'm all for​ washing and going .​
I​ want nothing to​ do with flat irons,​ blow driers,​ curlers,​ hair spray,​ and mousse .​
You can have it​ all,​ ladies .​
Have you​ ever stopped to​ ask yourself What makes Paul Mitchell haircare products different or​ superior to​ drugstore brands like Suave or​ Pert? And are they actually better for​ your hair? Hmm,​ this is​ a​ legitimate concern .​
From what I've read,​ there aren't many differences between the​ high-end Paul Mitchell haircare solutions and the​ cheaper supermarket stuff .​
Does this shock you? Many of​ these shampoos and conditioners have similar or​ the​ same ingredients in​ them,​ and as​ it​ turns out,​ you're paying a​ lot for​ the​ name .​
So,​ now you​ have to​ ask yourself; how much is​ that name worth to​ you? Personally,​ I​ can't say that it's worth a​ great deal to​ me .​
I​ have a​ perfect example .​
I​ purchased box FX molding wax and Crew pomade .​
The Crew product cost me close to​ 20 dollars,​ while the​ FX wax cost me 5 .​
Although the​ scent of​ the​ Crew pomade was pleasant,​ I​ preferred the​ FX molding wax because it​ worked so well .​
These days I​ continue to​ buy the​ FX product .​
It may not be a​ high-end Paul Mitchell haircare paste,​ but it​ works better than any I've tried,​ and you​ can't beat 5 bucks .​
Awapuhii is​ one of​ the​ key ingredients in​ Paul Mitchell haircare .​
If you​ read the​ back of​ every product,​ you'll likely see this bizarre ingredient .​
It's most likely a​ plant extract that offers the​ follicles nourishment .​
Plant extracts and natural ingredients are a​ big deal now days .​
Anyway,​ the​ next time you're shopping around for​ some fancy Paul Mitchell haircare products,​ you​ might want to​ check out the​ lower-priced competitors first,​ just to​ see how the​ ingredients compare .​

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