Pass Your Driving Exam

Pass Your Driving Exam

you​ may know how to​ drive well, but there are things you​ can keep in​ mind that will make your​ driving test go more smoothly.

Before you​ ever leave home, check your​ turn signals, brake lights and​ headlights. These will be tested before you​ ever leave the parking lot for​ your​ road test. Make sure you​ have any paperwork that must be turned in, and​ take your​ learner's permit with you. Travel to​ the testing location​ with a​ licensed driver. Getting turned down and​ rescheduled is​ not an​ auspicious beginning to​ this​ banner day in​ your​ life.

Get to​ the testing location​ on​ time. Most license bureaus are quite crowded and​ there are sometimes long waits beyond your​ appointed time. Bring a​ book to​ keep you​ occupied in​ the lobby if​ this​ happens to​ you.

Either leave your​ cell phone at​ home or​ turn it​ off. The middle of​ your​ road test is​ not a​ good time to​ receive a​ phone call. Try to​ relax with your​ examiner. Be friendly, but let him do most of​ the talking. Remember, he does not know you, and​ he is​ about to​ go into traffic not knowing if​ you​ can drive safely or​ not. He may be as​ nervous as​ you​ are!

Listen to​ your​ examiner carefully. He will not ask you​ to​ do any maneuvers you​ haven't already become familiar with in​ your​ driving manual. Hopefully you’ll have studied it​ and​ practiced a​ great deal. if​ you​ are unsure what it​ is​ he wants you​ to​ do, ask for​ clarification. He would rather you​ understand​ his request than have you​ do something wrong, or​ dangerous.

Keep your​ eyes on​ the road as​ much as​ possible when you​ are driving. Check your​ speedometer often but briefly. Do the same with your​ rear-view mirrors. your​ examiner needs to​ know that you​ are aware of​ the traffic around you. this​ tells him you​ are prepared to​ react in​ case of​ an​ accident or​ unexpected move by another vehicle.

Brake as​ evenly as​ you​ can. Use your​ turn signals at​ all times when making lane changes, or​ right/left turns. Do what the examiner asks you​ to​ do with as​ much finesse as​ you​ can muster.

Be prepared with the maneuvers many people have trouble with. Practice parallel parking every chance you​ get until it​ becomes second nature to​ you. Three-point turns are also difficult for​ some. Go over these and​ anything else that gives you​ trouble. Remember the rules for​ three- or​ four-way stops. Go to​ a​ location​ where you​ can practice these, but remember to​ watch out for​ other drivers. They aren’t as​ freshly tutored in​ the rules as​ you​ are.

Stay calm and​ trust the examiner. if​ you​ have practiced your​ driving sufficiently and​ you​ know the rules well, you’ll have no trouble passing the driving portion​ of​ your​ test. Congratulations, new driver! Now go get your​ picture taken. you​ won’t like the way it​ turns out, but that won’t stop you​ from showing it​ proudly to​ your​ family and​ friends every chance you​ get.

Pass Your Driving Exam

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