Part Ii Marketing For Law Firms Via Attorney Client Matching Services

Part II - Marketing For Law Firms Via Attorney-Client Matching Services
Conclusions and Recommendations on​ Attorney-Client Matching
Let me list my current thoughts/conclusions in​ this marketing for law firms niche of​ attorney-client matching services and from there it​ is​ up to​ you​ to​ make your decision:
1.This marketing for law firms vehicle clearly has some merit .​
This approach can deliver business to​ you​ that you​ would not get otherwise and get it​ to​ you​ now .​
Yes,​ you​ can do better and at​ least arguably cheaper for yourself through the​ right Internet attorney marketing strategies (see my website) .​
However,​ it​ is​ not going to​ happen tomorrow and attorney-client matching can happen tomorrow .​
You can build your own systems while using these systems and then decide if​ you​ want to​ continue their systems or​ not .​
They will always probably get some business you​ would not have gotten otherwise even if​ you​ had your own online systems.
2.Unfortunately you​ are only renting the​ methods used to​ get the​ business you​ are being sent and don’t own the​ business methods used .​
If you​ had the​ correct Internet marketing for law firms system up you​ would have a​ salable asset in​ those systems and be driving traffic exclusively to​ you,​ which is​ better than this option almost certainly in​ the​ long run for most if​ not all attorneys .​
Additionally,​ as​ a​ general principle it​ is​ not good to​ be dependent on​ any one source of​ referrals as​ I​ am sure you​ know .​
That said I​ still think attorney-client matching services are a​ good option before you​ have your own Internet marketing systems and/or other marketing systems up .​
You may even want to​ continue these services after you​ have your own systems up .​
Having your own systems up makes you​ more secure and now you​ are at​ choice about staying with the​ service or​ not.
3.Who is​ this marketing for law firms vehicle for really?
a.Someone who needs more business right now .​
These systems have a​ stream of​ business coming right now and they can send it​ your way right now .​
Other attorney marketing systems will take some time to​ make happen and yield results.
b.Someone who is​ very,​ very clear they don’t want to​ be involved in​ the​ marketing process and are willing to​ pay someone else to​ do it​ for them even if​ it​ costs them more and they are renting .​
If that is​ you,​ then this is​ probably a​ good move for you​ .​
That said,​ you​ still are going to​ have to​ close the​ client they send you​ via email or​ on​ the​ phone so you​ are going to​ be involved in​ marketing at​ that level,​ just less marketing .​
You are never going to​ get away from that aspect unless you​ are an​ associate who does nothing but technical work in​ someone else’s practice (not that there is​ anything wrong with that).
c.Someone who is​ doing some attorney marketing that is​ not working for them or​ not working very effectively for them since if​ you​ stop what is​ not working and do this type that is​ working you​ may be able to​ reduce your marketing costs while increasing your revenue stream.
d.Finally,​ a​ partner level attorney who has a​ senior associate that has good people skills that could work this marketing for law firms vehicle and close the​ referred clients.
4.Who is​ this type of​ attorney marketing not for?
a.Someone who won’t attend to​ the​ referrals from the​ matching service most if​ not nearly every working day.
b.Someone who does not have fair to​ good closing skills or​ bedside manner (Note: you​ can get some coaching from these firms to​ improve this aspect if​ needed and/or see my website for more information on​ this skill set) .​
you​ are not the​ only attorney getting the​ referral from the​ match firm so you​ need to​ shine well enough to​ get hired .​
There is​ still an​ element of​ competition involved with maybe 3 to​ 5 other attorneys who got the​ same referral.
c.Someone in​ a​ geographic area that does not generate a​ lot of​ referrals in​ your practice area .​
Like a​ rural area or​ small town or​ maybe an​ estate planner in​ a​ low-income area .​
So you​ see this marketing for law firms vehicle is​ not for everyone.
5.The negative information on​ LegalMatch and CasePost is​ somewhat troubling to​ me even though much of​ it​ is​ from the​ past and has been positively addressed .​
The negative information of​ the​ past on​ LegalMatch appears to​ have not troubled the​ Utah Bar,​ the​ Association of​ Trial Lawyers of​ America and the​ National Association of​ Criminal Defense Lawyers .​
This is​ reassuring to​ me.
6.If you​ were reasonably sure this type of​ vehicle is​ for you​ I​ would go with LegalMatch first .​
I​ am presuming you​ are willing to​ work their system diligently and have at​ least low average closing skills (they will work with you​ to​ get your closing ratio up if​ you​ need some support in​ that area) .​
Why LegalMatch? They have over 1500 members currently (a good sign I​ think),​ over 90 employees and have been in​ business longer .​
I​ figure that gives them an​ edge in​ knowledge,​ results and staying in​ business over time .​
Additionally,​ their footprint of​ bringing business to​ their members is​ almost certainly larger since they have more resources to​ drive business to​ their site than the​ others .​
If for some reason you​ are uncertain if​ this type of​ marketing for law firms is​ for you​ then I​ would go with LegalFish first .​
Why LegalFish? the​ LegalFish option would allow you​ to​ get into this marketing for law firms arena now with less expense and less risk than LegalMatch or​ CasePost .​
Do realize the​ LegalFish attorney marketing footprint is​ going to​ be much smaller than either of​ the​ other two services so they won’t be sending as​ large a​ volume of​ business your way almost certainly .​
Do be sure you​ have in​ your agreement with LegalFish that they will not charge you​ for the​ months they do not send you​ business .​
If you​ had a​ good experience working the​ referrals from LegalFish,​ diligently worked the​ system almost daily,​ realized a​ good return on​ your investment and you​ wanted to​ do more then I​ would look into LegalMatch next .​
Either starting with LegalMatch or​ LegalFish,​ if​ you​ find that you​ really liked this approach to​ marketing for law firms there is​ nothing wrong with belonging to​ two or​ even three of​ the​ services.
7.If you​ decide to​ become a​ member with LegalMatch,​ Case Post and/or LegalFish do remember your financial arrangement and term of​ membership are somewhat to​ greatly negotiable .​
Do negotiate a​ win/win agreement for yourself .​
Naturally,​ if​ you​ can get references of​ current members to​ contact from them in​ your practice area and in​ a​ similar type market to​ yours so much the​ better before you​ sign your agreement.
8.I probably would not go with Lawyers dot com at​ this point .​
Why? First,​ no guarantee .​
Next Lawyers dot com does not appear to​ me to​ be promoting that part of​ the​ site enough .​
Additionally,​ I​ am not sure it​ is​ worth the​ cost of​ the​ bio and the​ fee that together will run at​ least $2,​400 for the​ year .​
I​ suspect this money could be better put to​ use with one of​ the​ big three .​
Lastly,​ given the​ consumer has a​ list of​ attorneys that could be large (search on​ the​ site for your zip code and practice areas and see how large it​ is​ for your area) you​ are going to​ be in​ a​ crowd I​ fear .​
Thus it​ looks like not much business and it​ seems no way to​ impact the​ consumers’ thinking in​ your direction at​ the​ point where they are selecting who to​ contact .​
An exception to​ this thinking is​ if​ you​ already have a​ bio listing with them (and it​ is​ delivering business to​ you) this add on​ service might be a​ useful attorney marketing move given you​ are only spending $495 more per year .​
That said keep good records and see if​ it​ produces you​ any business .​
If not you​ would stop the​ service of​ course.
9.With respect to​ LegalConnection dot com I​ probably would not go with them at​ this point .​
Why? No guarantee .​
I​ do see it​ as​ an​ advantage that it​ is​ a​ stand-alone away from the​ FindLaw site .​
For that reason alone I​ would favor it​ over Lawyers dot com,​ however,​ I​ don’t see LegalConnection or​ Lawyers dot com as​ being in​ the​ same class as​ the​ big three

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