Ow Cost Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom

Bathroom Decorating on​ a​ Budget
Just because there aren't thousands of​ dollars available for​ decorating doesn't mean that a​ bath can't be unique, dramatic and​ thoroughly satisfying .​
Here are a​ half dozen frugal ways to​ spice up any bathroom.
1 .​
Collections of​ inexpensive mirrors add both light and​ space to​ any bathroom .​
They reflect colors, faces and​ other decorations and​ add character and​ interest .​
Mirrors are much more effective when grouped together rather than being a​ scattered mass simply hanging on​ a​ wall.
2 .​
Pictures or​ prints can be massed on​ a​ wall .​
for​ maximum impact hang them closely together rather than separated .​
Pictures can be striking if​ they have a​ 'theme', such as:
The frames or​ photos have a​ uniqueness in​ common​ - oval shapes, women only, pets
this​ decorating tactic works best in​ a​ powder room, rather than a​ full bathroom, because of​ the high moisture.
3 .​
Needlework makes a​ striking wall accent .​
for​ instance, sampler patterns from Colonial America are easily available and​ a​ few samplers grouped on​ a​ wall create a​ totally unique bathroom.
4 .​
for​ color and​ charm, throw a​ rug on​ the floor .​
in​ a​ dull or​ drab bathroom, a​ rag rug or​ oriental carpet will add charm and​ beauty .​
Just be certain​ to​ use a​ non-skid pad underneath, especially if​ anyone will be stepping out of​ a​ tub or​ shower.
5 .​
Collections can spark interest and​ admiration​ .​
Pottery is​ an​ unusual accent piece for​ any bathroom .​
Or you​ might consider old bottles, perfume atomizers, shaving mugs or​ other flea market collectibles .​
6 .​
Color is​ the quickest, cheapest and​ easiest ways to​ change any bathroom .​
Unusual colors on​ a​ bathroom wall, like melon, chocolate brown or​ peach, will add drama .​
Accents like brightly colored towels in​ a​ monochromatic bathroom will provide an​ outstanding accent .​
Add living color with plants or​ freshly cut flowers .​

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