Original Ways To Make Money With No Money A Short Education

Original Ways to​ Make Money With No Money-a Short Education
An opportunity should never be bought into .​
By definition,​ an​ opportunity is​ something that people will never sell you​ .​
From franchises to​ swamp land in​ Florida,​ to​ patents and inventions,​ it​ makes no difference .​
Theres nothing wrong with any of​ the​ things mentioned,​ however if​ somebody is​ trying to​ sell you​ these things,​ then they are not opportunities by definition .​
An opportunity is​ an​ advantage that you​ can see that others cannot .​
I​ dont care about the​ dictionary definition,​ this is​ the​ real world definition .​
Opportunities are free .​
They dont cost money to​ observe .​
Of course I​ dont mean they wont cost you​ money,​ you​ may need some money to​ act on​ it .​
But if​ you​ are paying money so somebody can sell it​ to​ you​ (a sales commission) you​ should run for the​ hills .​
So,​ getting back to​ my definition of​ an​ opportunity .​
Its an​ advantage that you​ can see that others cannot
So what that means is​ that you​ have vision while others do not .​
We are awash with money around us .​
Money or​ value is​ everywhere .​
As Hayden Muller says,​ it​ permeates our lives like oxygen the​ difficulty is​ not finding opportunity .​
It is​ literally everywhere all the​ time .​
We are suffering from snow blindness if​ we still work for a​ living when such abundance is​ around us in​ our every day lives .​
The difficulty is​ not money either .​
Having access to​ a​ few hundred dollars is​ all you​ need to​ take advantage of​ a​ million daily opportunities that present themselves in​ our daily lives .​
Anyone with some determination can find that much .​
No,​ the​ real difficulty is​ knowledge,​ or​ education .​
Its what seperates action from indifference .​
The question becomes,​ so what? so what if​ I​ took this opportunity and made a​ few dollars,​ what next? you​ see,​ without education,​ opportunities are meaningless .​
They lead now-where because we lack vision .​
Don't worry,​ I​ lacked plenty of​ vision myself .​
Today you​ could drop me out of​ the​ sky into any free city on​ the​ Planet with nothing but the​ shirt on​ my back and I​ would be living well within 3 months and be financially secure within 2-4 years .​
I​ know I​ can do that because my vision tells me I​ easily could .​
Put me in​ the​ middle of​ New York,​ I​ would immediately find markets to​ deal in​ .​
Even before I​ found a​ place to​ sleep,​ I​ would begin learning about what free markets are available and what they most want and need .​
I​ would quickly establish contacts with suppliers and retailers to​ become the​ middle man my favourite place to​ be .​
Within a​ week,​ I​ would have a​ few hundred dollars saved .​
I​ would use those funds and pyramid my purchases for faster and faster turn over until I​ had enough to​ buy small assets that are in​ high demand .​
Cars,​ boats,​ anything that was being sold that I​ could find really cheaply .​
My charm and good looks would make sure I​ got the​ best deals and sold them for the​ highest price (winks)
Charm and good looks aside,​ the​ one thing you​ need is​ a​ clarion plan .​
a​ master plan that gets you​ from a​ to​ B
Making money with no money is​ easy and rudimentry .​
Its the​ opportunities you​ spot that makes the​ real difference .​
But really its the​ propensity to​ take action that delivers the​ results .​
Before you​ can take that action,​ you​ need to​ know where you​ are going .​
Your situation is​ alot better then the​ scenario I​ presented above .​
You live in​ a​ place where you​ know .​
You have intimate knowledge of​ the​ markets available already present .​
You have skills and have contacts already that can be of​ use .​
Get a​ quick short education and go to​ it .​
Your first million is​ not as​ difficult as​ you​ may imagine .​
May success find you​ fast and knowledge find you​ sooner.

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