Optimum Utilisation Of Manual Traffic Exchanges In A Marketing Strategy

The advantage of​ gaining critical mass in​ a​ marketing strategy can never be over- emphasised....and "Manual Traffic Exchanges" can be the​ critical element to​ keep the​ wheel of​ your marketing strategy rolling.

It is​ happening with monotonous regularity that every newbie internet marketer wants results from "Day 1" and every pro marketer will vouch for the​ fact that they have undergone significant stresses and strains to​ reach where they have reached.

This prelude gives us an​ inkling of​ the​ position of​ manual traffic exchange users. a​ beginning is​ made with full gusto....and it​ is​ not long before the​ levels of​ motivation and enthusiasm come crashing down.

Here are some tips and tricks which will go a​ long way in​ making optimim utilisation of​ "Manual Traffic Exchanges" and bridging the​ gap between thory and practice.

1) Surf,​ surf and surf for at​ least a​ couple of​ months. Do not expect any results...because you​ seldom get them within two months.Patience is​ a​ virtue which is​ seldom practiced.

2) Do not make the​ mistake of​ including the​ URL of​ your internet opportunity on​ each and every manual traffic exchange you​ are participating....instead...use some of​ your traffic exchange affiliate links to​ derive the​ benefits of​ residual traffic in​ the​ long run.

3) Refer,​ refer and refer by cross promoting your affiliate link in​ Traffic Exchange a​ with Traffic Exchange B and so on.

4)Use "Splash pages" for promoting in​ "Manual Traffic exchanges"

5) Do not....please...do not use pop-ups and other distracting stuff to​ de-motivate your prospective downline in​ those precious 15-30 seconds he or​ she has a​ glimpse at​ your website. It's all to​ well to​ have them on​ the​ homepage of​ your website...but never put a​ pop-up on​ your splash pages...for all you​ know,​ the​ traffic exchange might reject your pop up splash page in​ the​ first place.

6) Use the​ magic of​ compounding which results in​ the​ power of​ residual traffic by building a​ good downline base.

7) Pick and choose your traffic exchanges and keep a​ note of​ the​ benefits offered. For example :
a) Referral structure for earning downline credits
b) Credits Ratio for own surfing
c) Free credits and bonus for being an​ active member
d)Ongoing contests
e) Read between the​ lines....
A traffic exchange may give free bonus credits for reading emails sent to​ members or​ a​ traffic exchange may give bonus credits for surfing 25 websites daily. Just imagine the​ misfortune you​ are going through if​ you​ surf between 20-24 websites on​ that exchange everybody. Further,​ it​ is​ always better to​ actively refer members in​ those traffic exchanges offering at​ least 20% credits in​ two to​ three levels.

8)Use the​ option to​ transfer credits to​ potential downline members if​ they join under you. Many traffic exchanges offer this option either through the​ traffic exchange or​ from the​ member's area.

9)Get into swap deals with other traffic exchange members. Statistics tell us that a​ majority of​ traffic exchange members join traffic exchanges directly from the​ homepage.
Do not commit the​ same mistake. Let's assume you​ are a​ member of​ Traffic Exchange a​ and you​ want to​ join Traffic Exchange B. it​ would benefit you​ greatly if​ you​ can post an​ offer in​ a​ forum you​ participate in​ that you​ are willing to​ join Traffic Exchange B under anyone who is​ willing to​ join under you​ in​ Traffic Exchange A. This is​ a​ win-win situation for both... you​ and the​ person you​ are doing the​ swap deal with.

10) Do use an​ affiliate link cloaker to​ get better response rates whenever you​ promote affiliate links. Use "Manual Traffic Exchanges" as​ a​ critical cog in​ the​ wheel of​ your marketing strategy. Do not commit the​ mistake of​ assuming that it​ is​ the​ wheel itself. Integrate other promotion methods like forums,​ safelists,​ blogs,​ rss feeds,​ search engine optimisation techniques,​
ezine advertisements,​ joint venturing with other webmasters,​ etc. the​ possibilities are endless. Use "your brain" ...and...."your common-sense" to​ catapult yourself to​ the​ top of​ the​ ladder of​ success.

To your success !!!

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