Online Writing Is This The Perfect Title

Online Writing Is This The Perfect Title

With online writing,​ an​ article title has to​ accomplish many things. it​ has to​ make it​ easier for the​ reader to​ find the​ article. it​ has to​ tell the​ reader what the​ article is​ about. it​ has to​ entice the​ reader to​ read the​ article. it​ has to​ be acceptable for submission to​ article directories. How do you accomplish all this in​ one title?

Sometimes you can't. Still,​ you try to​ include as​ many elements of​ a​ good title as​ you can. the​ "best" or​ "perfect" title will be a​ different combination of​ factors for each unique article. Let's look at​ what makes the​ title of​ this article work.

Online Writing is​ About Keywords

They won't read your article if​ they can't find it. How do they find it? Most often now,​ readers use search engines. if​ you don't have the​ keywords they are searching for in​ the​ title,​ it​ is​ less likely it​ will show up in​ their search results. in​ this case,​ there is​ good traffic for the​ keyword "online writing." That is​ why it​ is​ in​ the​ title and will be repeated in​ this article a​ few times as​ well.

Don't Fool the​ Reader

You can get cute with article titles,​ but if​ you don't also let the​ reader know what the​ article is​ about in​ the​ title or​ description,​ you'll have problems. a​ searcher may just pass on​ your article because he doesn't know what it​ is​ about. He may click-through to​ read the​ article,​ then get annoyed when he finds that he was mislead. He won't be likely to​ click over to​ your website then,​ will he? This article,​ by the​ way,​ is​ clearly about online writing.

Titles That Grab Attention

Questions involve the​ reader,​ and make it​ more likely they will go beyond the​ title to​ the​ article. They want the​ answer,​ of​ course. That's why I use a​ question for this article. the​ fact that you are reading this article hopefully shows that this was a​ good strategy. There is​ more than one way to​ grab someone's attention though. Other good titles include words like "How To,​" "Top Ten,​" and "Easy Ways To,​" as​ well as​ "You,​" "Your,​" "Free,​" "New,​" and "Best."

Formatting Issues

Titles for online article-writing need to​ be acceptable to​ the​ owners of​ the​ directories,​ websites,​ and newsletters where you hope your article will be published. Good keyword optimization helps - you're not the​ only one hoping to​ get traffic from that article. They also need to​ be a​ reasonable length,​ so they don't look awkward on​ a​ page,​ or​ take too much room in​ a​ newsletter. Three to​ seven words is​ ideal although more words are okay if​ they are shorter,​ and perhaps fewer is​ better if​ they are longer.

Finally,​ you should always deliver on​ the​ promise of​ the​ title. You want the​ reader to​ not only read the​ article,​ but to​ feel like they got what they were looking for,​ and so can trust you. After all,​ the​ whole point of​ online writing is​ to​ get that reader to​ read right through the​ article to​ the​ resource box,​ where they can click-through to​ your website.

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