Online Paid Surveys Money Maker Or Scam

Online Paid Surveys Money Maker Or Scam

Online Paid Surveys,​ Money Maker or​ Scam?
Get Paid for your opinion,​ Online Paid Surveys,​ Get Paid to​ Take Surveys,​ Take Online Surveys for CASH! I'm sure you​ have seen ads like these all over the​ Internet .​
Can you​ make money taking surveys or​ is​ it​ just another scam?
The answer is​ yes .​
You can get paid to​ take surveys Online .​
Many people make money daily taking surveys while sitting at​ home.
There are many companies that will pay you​ to​ participate in​ Online surveys,​ focus groups,​ and product tests .​
These are market research companies that are paid by large companies to​ find out what the​ public feels about their products .​
They want to​ know if​ their advertising campaigns are working and how everyday people feel about their products .​
Large corporations spend a​ huge amount every year on​ advertising .​
So paying you​ a​ few dollars to​ find out if​ their advertising is​ working is​ not that big of​ a​ deal .​
They hire market research companies and the​ market research companies send out surveys to​ everyday people to​ see what is​ appealing to​ the​ public.
There are also several misconceptions about taking paid surveys Online .​
Many advertisements will tell you​ that you​ can make up to​ $250 an​ hour taking paid surveys .​
It is​ possible to​ be compensated $250 for participating in​ an​ important study or​ focus group,​ however the​ average paid survey will pay you​ between $2 and $20 .​
This can add up very quickly,​ which is​ why so many people are taking advantage of​ this Online income generator .​
One thing I​ have learned over the​ years is​ it​ takes time to​ make money so it​ depends on​ how much time you​ put into it​ like anything else.

There are different kinds of​ paid survey sites .​
There are paid survey directories,​ or​ databases,​ and there are the​ actual paid survey companies .​
a​ paid survey,​ or​ market research company,​ is​ the​ actual company that will send you​ the​ paid surveys .​
And also the​ one that will compensate you​ for your participation .​
An example of​ a​ paid survey company is​ NFO .​
NFO has been around for over many years and is​ one of​ the​ major paid survey companies on​ the​ Internet .​
When joining a​ paid survey site like NFO you​ are notified by email when your participation in​ a​ paid survey is​ needed .​
You can then choose to​ take the​ paid survey or​ simply ignore it .​
You are told how much you​ will be paid for taking each survey and how long the​ paid survey should take to​ complete .​
Companies like NFO My Survey are always free to​ join .​
a​ individual paid survey company will never ask you​ to​ pay a​ fee to​ join .​

Another type of​ site is​ a​ paid survey directory,​ or​ database .​
Paid survey databases provide directories of​ paid survey companies .​
These are the​ sites you​ go to​ to​ find companies that will pay you​ to​ participate in​ Online surveys .​
There are several databases you​ can join .​
But most Online paid survey databases are not free .​
Paid Survey database companies charge about $35 - $60 for their paid surveys directory.
The major benefit to​ these types of​ programs is​ that it​ saves you​ time and time is​ money .​
You could spend hours searching the​ Internet for Free Survey companies on​ your own or​ you​ can join one of​ these Survey database companies that have done the​ leg work for you​ .​
I​ lean toward Paid Survey directory database companies myself,​ because I​ felt I​ could make more taking surveys during the​ time I​ would be going through the​ many Survey companies .​
Time is​ money and many of​ the​ companies I​ have on​ my website charge a​ modest fee for access to​ their database .​
It's really whatever is​ best for you​ and your time constraints .​
Many people are think that when they join these membership sites they will automatically start receiving paid surveys .​
a​ membership in​ one of​ the​ Paid Survey database sites does not actually send paid surveys .​
They offer a​ directory of​ pre-screened companies that you​ join that send paid surveys Online .​
They give you​ access to​ the​ Survey companies they feel are the​ best options .​
When using these companies you​ get a​ tutorial on​ how to​ be successful answering paid surveys and a​ compiled list of​ paid survey companies with details on​ each company as​ to​ whether you​ get cash,​ rewards or​ both .​
They will have a​ link to​ each company they recommend and you​ are enrolling in​ a​ flash.

If you​ are looking for a​ full-time income Online,​ paid surveys may not be the​ thing for you​ .​
Although you​ can make good money taking paid surveys Online,​ more than likely it​ will not be enough to​ make you​ rich .​
If you​ want to​ make some extra money without much effort then paid surveys is​ the​ way to​ go .​

The key to​ getting paid to​ take surveys Online is​ joining as​ many of​ these paid survey companies as​ possible .​
Most paid survey sites will only send a​ few paid surveys a​ month .​
This will vary from company to​ company.
In addition you​ will need to​ do the​ following when taking paid surveys Online:
1 .​
Setup a​ unique email address for you​ paid surveys.
2 .​
Setup a​ PayPal account and add you​ survey email address to​ it.
3 .​
always use unique passwords when registering with Survey companies.
So the​ logic is,​ the​ more survey companies you​ belong to​ the​ more survey invitations you​ will receive .​
And the​ more money you​ will make .​
It's a​ good idea to​ start off with around 20 to​ 30 paid survey companies .​
Each one will only take a​ few minutes to​ sign up for and is​ well worth it .​
There are approximately 500 paid survey companies you​ can join .​
And once you​ have joined the​ main ones you​ can go back and join others to​ receive even more paid surveys .​
Of 500 paid survey companies I​ would have to​ say that there are about 50-60 that will send you​ paid surveys on​ a​ regular basis .​
The rest may only send one a​ month or​ even less .​
So starting with the​ top paid surveys is​ obviously the​ best way to​ go .​

You must answer a​ few questions before taking a​ survey to​ see if​ you​ fit the​ profile for the​ type of​ person the​ company is​ interested in​ .​
After answering a​ few questions you​ can start to​ see how you​ should answer to​ make yourself qualify .​
For instance,​ most paid survey questions will ask you​ if​ you​ work in​ a​ certain industry,​ or​ any type of​ market research or​ advertising business .​
The answer to​ a​ question like this should almost always be no .​
They do not want people who know the​ market research business taking their surveys .​
And you​ will almost always not qualify for the​ paid survey .​

Now that you​ have all the​ information you​ need it's up to​ you​ to​ decide if​ paid surveys is​ for you​ or​ not .​
I​ hope that this article has provided you​ with the​ information that will enable you​ to​ make an​ informed decision .​
In summary you​ have one of​ two options .​
You can either use a​ Paid Survey Directory company that will give you​ access to​ their pre-screen database including tutorials on​ how to​ make the​ most money from Online paid surveys or​ you​ can spend the​ time Online to​ do the​ research yourself and join each company individually.
If you​ are interested in​ using some of​ the​ Survey database companies,​ you​ will find them on​ my website link below .​
Please feel free at​ anytime to​ email me or​ sign up for my FREE Newsletter on​ my website.

Online Paid Surveys Money Maker Or Scam

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