Online Marketing Where Do I Start

I recently received this question on​ one of​ my YouTube blog marketing videos.

"I feel I am cut out for working in​ marketing,​ public relations and sales although,​ I'm stumped from there. What percent of​ marketing is​ online and how do I get started? - Fudruckus"

Well,​ Fudruckus,​ if​ that is​ your real name,​ ;) I honestly don't know what percentage of​ marketing is​ done online but,​ I think it's safe to​ say - a​ TON!

I mean think about it. When's the​ last time you​ turned on​ the​ TV and didn't see a​ .com tattooed onto the​ bottom right hand corner of​ the​ screen or​ scrolling across the​ bottom? Can you​ remember seeing a​ commercial that did not,​ in​ some way,​ include a​ web address?

Companies both large and small spend millions of​ dollars a​ year on​ Internet marketing campaigns and more and more people every year get on​ the​ Internet. in​ addition to​ that,​ there's no other form of​ marketing that I know of​ that is​ easier or​ cheaper to​ get into.

Now,​ all of​ that having been said I think it's important to​ know that marketing online does take work. Many people would have you​ believe that's it's as​ easy as​ buying a​ $497 product,​ working 2 hours a​ day and "BOOM" you're rich. I've made a​ lot of​ money online since 1995 and believe me not once was it​ as​ easy as​ I just described.

That is​ a​ myth.

To successfully market online takes time,​ effort and some monetary investment.
Almost anything can be marketed online. But,​ not everything is​ good to​ market online. Some things do better than others.

A man,​ much smarter than myself,​ taught me to​ always ask 2 questions to​ determine if​ something is​ worth marketing online.

1. Where can I get it?
2. How much does it​ cost?

If those questions are easily answered then you​ probably shouldn't market it​ online.

For example:

Tooth Paste: "You get it​ at​ any grocery store and it​ cost $2."
Bad for marketing online.

Custom Skateboards: "I'm not sure where to​ get one or​ what they cost,​ let me 'Google' it." This may be something good to​ market online.

Next,​ determine whether or​ not there are any good niche opportunities for the​ products and/or services you​ want to​ market.

What makes a​ good niche?

1. you​ can find them in​ groups. (i.e. bikers,​ scrapbookers,​ dog lovers,​ weight loss,​ woodworkers,​ etc... People who are involved in​ these types of​ activities like to​ hang out with others,​ in​ person and online,​ who share the​ same interest.)

2. They are passionate and emotionally connected. (i.e. Some pet owners treat their pets as​ if​ they were human. They are crazy about them and will do anything for them,​ including spending a​ lot of​ money on​ them.)

3. They spend money. (i.e. Some hobbies / interests require that the​ participant spend money and some do not. Obviously,​ you​ want to​ find a​ niche market where the​ members spend money on​ their interests and they do it​ often.)

Keyword Research

Next do your keyword research to​ make sure there's enough search volume for the​ keywords you​ are going to​ target and to​ get a​ realistic idea of​ what it's going to​ take to​ compete in​ your chosen niche. in​ general you​ want to​ target specific keywords / phrases that have high search volume (at least 200-300 a​ day) with fewer results. (This means less competition)

There are several good tools that will help you​ with keyword research you​ can read more about them here...

Size up the​ Competition:

Do a​ quick search in​ the​ top 3 search engines (Google,​ Yahoo,​ MSN) for the​ keywords you​ want to​ target. Take a​ look at​ the​ top 10-20 sites and determine the​ following:

1.Are the​ sites professionally designed?
2.Do they have a​ clear call to​ action?
3.Is the​ content compelling and current?
4.What are they doing right?
5.What are they doing wrong? Find what's missing and make sure your site includes it.
6.Are there any blogs or​ social networking types of​ sites associated with this niche? (Important if​ you​ want to​ use Social Power Linking methods to​ get large amounts of​ non search engine dependent traffic. Which I highly recommend!)
7.How can you​ make your product,​ service and/or expertise stand out from the​ others?

Ultimately,​ what you​ are trying to​ determine is​ whether or​ not you​ can realistically compete in​ this niche. Only you​ know how much drive you​ have for this project,​ how much time you​ are willing to​ spend on​ it​ and how much money you​ have to​ do the​ things that need to​ be done in​ order to​ really compete. So,​ be honest with yourself. if​ 15 of​ the​ top 20 sites are all big companies like Sony,​ LG and Mitsubishi then,​ you​ might not want to​ try and sell flat panel TV's. ;)

Build Your Site

Once you​ decide on​ a​ market and you've done your research build your site and optimize it​ for your top 3 keywords/phrases. the​ quickest and easiest way to​ build search engine friendly sites,​ that are easy to​ manage,​ is​ to​ use WordPress. Even if​ you're not going to​ utilize WordPress' blogging features,​ which I think would be a​ mistake,​ it's still an​ excellent tool for quickly deploying websites.

Getting Started with WordPress

Register a​ Domain - It's best if​ your Domain Name includes your main keyword(s)

Setup a​ WordPress Friendly Hosting Account - I like Host Gator. They're reliable and inexpensive.

Choose a​ High-Quality Theme - There are many free themes available but,​ I like to​ use premium themes on​ most of​ my blogs. They look more professional,​ provide more exclusivity and the​ code is​ clean. (Free of​ embedded Spam links and poor programming that may cause bad performance and search engine issues.)

Use the​ following posts at​ for setup and plug-in tips...
5 Essential Tweaks for all New WordPress Blogs
5 Essential Plugins for All New WordPress Blogs
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Getting Traffic to​ Your New WordPress Blog

Obviously,​ you​ need traffic in​ order to​ sell anything from your new WordPress site. the​ best way to​ get traffic quick and to​ build good search engine rankings is​ to​ learn from the​ masters. I'm a​ member of​ Social Power Linking and I highly recommend it. Traffic to​ my website has increased 10x's since I started using the​ methods they teach.
To Your Success,​ Barry O.

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