Online Marketing And Using Calls To Action

Online Marketing And Using Calls to​ Action
Let’s start with a​ clear understanding of​ what a​ call to​ action actually is​ .​
a​ call to​ action is​ an​ element or​ that entices a​ reader or​ viewer to​ take note or​ make a​ decision based upon it .​
Relating this directly to​ the​ Internet and websites,​ a​ website call to​ action could be something like Add to​ Shopping Cart,​ Buy Now or​ Subscribe to​ Newsletter .​
the​ main goal of​ a​ call to​ action is​ to​ persuade the​ visitor to​ click on​ or​ interact further with your website,​ hopefully ending in​ the​ visitor buying a​ product or​ service or​ another conversion goal .​
It is​ often seen that blue underlined text is​ clicked on​ more by website visitors when given a​ choice because these have been the​ default standard for many years .​
It is​ also believed that the​ blue text is​ associated with calming and trust so it​ more likely to​ be clicked.
Having described what a​ call to​ action is​ it​ should be clear that every good business website have at​ least one call to​ action on​ every single page within the​ website .​
Given the​ nature of​ websites it​ is​ often important to​ give a​ couple of​ call to​ action options to​ users .​
When a​ visitor progresses through your website,​ you​ should be able to​ follow the​ path your website visitors have made along the​ path of​ persuasion towards your conversion goal .​
Ideally this would give you​ a​ clear idea on​ what calls to​ action are working and what ones aren't along the​ desired flow of​ your conversion process .​
a​ good website will be laid out in​ such a​ way that when a​ visitor wants to​ make a​ slight detour to​ find out more information correctly placed and worded calls to​ action are there to​ guide them back on​ your conversion path.
So,​ why do you​ need a​ call to​ action on​ your website? Many studies have shown that if​ a​ website visitor does not find what they are looking for within 3 seconds they will exit your website .​
Many SEO experts will only focus on​ getting a​ website into the​ top few results but there should also be focus on​ the​ overall online marketing strategy .​
Any good SEO and Online Marketing company will be able to​ guide you​ in​ a​ complete online marketing strategy .​
It is​ important to​ know that selling the​ websites product or​ service and using calls to​ action to​ get visitors through your conversion path is​ of​ equal importance to​ the​ overall SEO plan.
A well thought out call to​ action in​ an​ overall online marketing campaign will provide you​ with more sales,​ lead generation and constant predictable results.
When choosing an​ SEO and Online Marketing company it​ is​ important to​ take some time and do your own research .​
the​ simplest form of​ research is​ to​ search in​ Google for SEO or​ Online Marketing and see how good the​ SEO firm is​ at​ selling their own products and services .​
If they are positioned well for their own services then they are likely to​ be able to​ successfully market your products and services online.

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