Online Gambling Software 2 Clicks To Success

Software quality is​ a​ much debated and complex issue. One can think of​ software quality in​ terms of​ speed,​ reliability,​ security,​ user-friendliness but at​ Mentor Gaming we believe that software quality is​ directly related to​ the​ skill and dedication of​ the​ team who monitors,​ updates and customizes the​ online gaming software packages.

It takes two clicks to​ install the​ online gambling software from Mentor Gaming but it​ took three years of​ marketing research and software development to​ make it​ possible. “Mentor Gaming was founded after 3 years of​ business research and software development with a​ challenging goal: Create the​ best online gaming experience in​ order to​ provide our LCO (licensed casino operator) the​ opportunity to​ become a​ leader in​ the​ online gambling industry” continued Mr. Peled.

The design of​ the​ online gambling sites powered by Mentor Gaming represents the​ vision of​ the​ operator as​ they are all specially customized for this purpose. But they all retain a​ basic characteristic which is​ made possible by the​ photo-realistic 3D graphics: the​ real casino atmosphere preserving the​ excitement of​ the​ real thing,​ of​ land-based casinos.

“Our fast growing team of​ talented programmers helps us maintain the​ standard customers expect from Mentor Gaming. Demand for online gambling sites is​ growing. So are the​ revenues. a​ lot of​ people are interested in​ purchasing an​ online gambling site. This is​ a​ great business and,​ with less than 2000 sites currently operating,​ there is​ still plenty of​ room for serious players. And for experienced and dynamic programmer’s one might add” concluded Mr. Peled,​ CEO and Director of​ Mentor Gaming.

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