Online Degrees How To Make Sure Your Money Is Well Spent

Online Degrees How To Make Sure Your Money Is Well Spent

You can improve your career prospects; get a​ degree next week.

Everyone has seen the​ ads. Employers have seen the​ ads too,​ so are suspicious of​ degrees from universities they have never heard of.

Is it​ necessary then to​ physically attend a​ university to​ obtain a​ degree that employers will recognize? No.

A university degree is​ no longer only available by physically attending university lectures,​ seminars and tutorials. Now you​ can work for your degree 100% online,​ never setting foot into the​ hallowed halls of​ learning unless you​ choose to.

There are universities that offer Bachelors and Masters degrees online. you​ can even get a​ Doctorate 100% online. you​ have a​ very wide choice of​ subject,​ as​ wide as​ if​ you​ physically attended the​ institution. Check out this site

You can get an​ online degree from many traditional universities,​ including Harvard and Yale. There are other universities and colleges that only have online courses. Some of​ these universities are accredited universities; others are not.

If you​ apply to​ a​ non-accredited institution,​ future employers are unlikely to​ look favorably on​ your qualification. This is​ because some of​ these non-accredited universities are nothing more than printing shops,​ churning out degrees as​ the​ checks roll in. Everyone has seen the​ ads for these so-called degrees - the​ Get your doctorate next week type ads.

There have been cases of​ prominent government scientists losing their posts because their degrees were exposed to​ come from one of​ these non-accredited institutions that produce totally worthless degrees and doctorates.

There are Life Experience degrees where you​ gain credit for what you​ have learned in​ your job over the​ years,​ including for experience gained by staying at​ home and looking after the​ kids. Treat these especially with extreme caution and do not shell out your money too easily. if​ it​ is​ that easy to​ get a​ degree then it​ really is​ not worth the​ paper it​ is​ printed on.

How do you​ protect yourself?

Only do an​ online degree from a​ university that an​ educated friend,​ aged 40 or​ older,​ has heard of. Employers are likely to​ be in​ a​ similar age bracket and will have similar knowledge of​ universities as​ your friend.

Only follow degree courses in​ recognized disciplines. Forget Life Experience degrees.

Expect to​ have to​ work for your degree for at​ least two years.

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