Online Casino Software Download No Download The Low Down

Online Casino Software Download No Download The Low Down

Ok so you're new to​ online casino's- you​ may be new to​ gambling or​ you​ may be a​ regular fixture on​ the​ real life casino floor but not quite up to​ speed on​ the​ internet itself- this article aims to​ clarify the​ technology behind the​ online casino and help you​ make the​ right choice for where you​ want to​ play.

The choice is​ yours

You've probably noticed by now online casinos are not exactly a) uncommon or​ b) hard to​ find these days. Google is​ currently listing some 71 million + pages of​ them and growing everyday but essentially most of​ the​ main casinos are offering the​ same service and its up to​ the​ casino player to​ decide what's right for them and a​ good place to​ start is​ by looking at​ the​ software which online casino is​ offering. Casino software generally comes in​ 2 forms- 'downloadable' and 'no download' or​ 'instant play'…

Downloadable online casino software

Downloadable software is​ for lack of​ a​ better explanation software which you​ download from the​ casino website onto your computer before you​ can play the​ games. Typically you​ would download the​ software as​ an​ executable file (these types of​ file have the​ filename suffix .exe so something like onlinecasino.exe). the​ file will go to​ a​ location on​ your computer- either a​ download folder or​ onto your desktop.

Once the​ casino software has been downloaded you​ will need to​ install it​ in​ the​ same way you​ would a​ new computer program i.e. Microsoft word or​ a​ computer game. This will unpack all of​ the​ files needed to​ play the​ casino games onto your computer so next time you​ want to​ play you​ will not need to​ go through this process- opening the​ casino will then be like opening any other program on​ your PC so you​ will see the​ software listed in​ the​ Windows start menu. the​ installation process will usually offer you​ the​ option of​ adding a​ shortcut to​ your desktop like the​ one you​ have for your recycle bin and probably a​ few other applications.

Unlike most software you​ run on​ your computer in​ order to​ play at​ an​ online casino the​ software needs to​ be connected to​ the​ internet at​ all times while you​ are playing. This is​ because the​ casino software on​ your computer is​ transferring information with the​ casino website- although all the​ games themselves are held on​ your machine your account information is​ held with the​ website so when you​ win or​ lose a​ game the​ website knows instantly and updates your account accordingly. Think of​ it​ like this- with downloadable casino software the​ table and the​ dealer is​ in​ your living room but the​ casino vault is​ still inside the​ casino building.

Possible problems with downloadable casino games

Having software connected to​ the​ internet from your computer is​ not in​ itself a​ security risk- in​ fact most modern software tries to​ make an​ internet connection upon loading up- for example Microsoft Word connects to​ the​ internet upon loading to​ check for security updates. However any software you​ download is​ likely to​ be treated suspiciously by virus checking or​ anti-spy ware software you​ have running i.e. AVG or​ Norton. This is​ because of​ the​ risk of​ malware (malicious software) which can infiltrate users computers,​ usually for the​ purpose of​ serving unwanted advertising or​ disrupting the​ users computer similar to​ a​ computer virus. Downloading from a​ reputable online casino should ensure there is​ no risk of​ this as​ it's not in​ the​ casino's interest to​ irritate or​ damage the​ users' computer. you​ will most probably need to​ grant permission for the​ software to​ access the​ internet before a​ connection will be established- pop-up boxes will advise you​ of​ what you​ need to​ do.

If you​ are on​ a​ shared network or​ do not have administrative rights to​ your computer i.e. you’re on​ a​ work computer,​ you​ may have problems installing downloadable casino software. you​ can always try but if​ you​ don't have permission you'll get an​ error to​ tell you​ so.

Web-based,​ no download or​ instant play online casino games

Web-based casino games do not require the​ user to​ download or​ install any software before playing (hence they are often referred to​ as​ 'instant play'). Instead they generally use pieces of​ software which are already installed within your web browser (i.e. internet explorer) known as​ 'plugins'. Plugins used by online casino games include flash player,​ shockwave player and java- these are all freely available and you​ will most likely already have them installed on​ your web browser in​ which case you​ will be able to​ play the​ online casino games straight away- if​ not you​ will be prompted to​ download them from the​ relevant websites- you​ may then need to​ restart your browser before using the​ plugin and the​ casino.

Security issues with web-based games

As nothing is​ installed on​ your computer the​ risk of​ viruses or​ adware being installed is​ far lower than with downloadable games. There is​ a​ minimal risk of​ web based applications being 'hacked' by malicious users with the​ intent of​ extracting personal information or​ disrupting gameplay in​ the​ case of​ multiplayer scenario's i.e. an​ online poker room. as​ with downloadable casino software the​ risk is​ extremely low and security on​ both types of​ casino games are getting ever more sophisticated.

The golden rules remain- go with a​ respectable online casino,​ make sure they are contactable before committing any money to​ your account and make sure you're in​ control of​ your account balances. Remember millions of​ people play online casino games everyday; it​ is​ only the​ tiniest of​ percentages that experience any problems. Online casinos are still far more secure than any other online purchases.

Which types of​ online casino games are best for me?

Instant play casino games are great for trying out an​ online casino you​ have just found because they will usually let you​ try out the​ games by giving a​ limited amount of​ information so you​ can get onto the​ tables quickly and try out the​ software. Typically downloadable casino games will have richer,​ smoother graphics and sound which can make for a​ more immersive gameplay experience although graphics on​ modern instant play games are also improving. the​ main factor is​ the​ download time- downloading online casino software can take around 20 minutes on​ a​ slow internet connection so you​ may need to​ be patient- but if​ you're not in​ a​ rush and want the​ improved graphics and don't want to​ have to​ navigate to​ the​ casino website in​ your browser each time you​ play then downloadable software may be better for you.

In summary…

Downloadable casino software is​ good for;

- Graphics and sound
- Smooth gameplay with short load times once downloaded
- Players who are loyal to​ a​ casino
- May be better for users on​ a​ slow internet connection as​ once downloaded all games are stored on​ your computer

Things to​ consider though;

- Have to​ wait for download to​ complete
- May have problems installing on​ shared/ networked computers and can be blocked by anti virus software.
- Download software is​ usually only designed for computers running Microsoft Windows.

Web-based online casino games however;

- Let you​ play straight away with no downloads
- Increasingly good graphics
- Good for first time,​ practice play and trying out a​ new online casino.
- Work on​ any computer with a​ modern web browser and internet connection

The drawback;

- Can cause a​ big load on​ your internet connection so might run slowly if​ you've got other stuff going on.
- You will need to​ navigate to​ the​ website each time you​ want to​ play

Online Casino Software Download No Download The Low Down

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