One Way Links 3 Viral Marketing Tips

One Way Links 3 Viral Marketing Tips

While link popularity is​ a​ major factor for Google and other search engines when it​ comes to​ ranking your site,​ an​ overabundance of​ reciprocal links can work against you.

One way links send a​ strong message to​ search engines that your website is​ valuable and interesting enough for other sites to​ want to​ recommend it​ and promote it. Besides sending your rankings shooting upwards,​ they also send a​ lot of​ traffic to​ your site.

Viral marketing,​ a​ of​ word-of-mouth advertising that propagates itself in​ the​ same way as​ a​ virus,​ is​ one of​ the​ most effective ways to​ get one way links. a​ successful viral marketing campaign will multiply rapidly and spread like wildfire,​ increasing your site's visibility and sending a​ stampede of​ targeted traffic to​ your website.

Below are three tips to​ help you​ unleash a​ wildly successful viral marketing campaign.

Write and submit articles

Writing articles and submitting them to​ online article directories is​ one of​ the​ easiest and most effective ways of​ obtaining free publicity and acquiring links to​ your site without the​ need for reciprocal links.

All you​ do is​ write interesting articles on​ related topics and submit them to​ major article directories with a​ link back to​ your site. the​ amount of​ traffic generated is​ simply astounding. What's more,​ your articles also serve as​ a​ very powerful pre-selling technique,​ driving only targeted traffic to​ your website.

Do you​ have an​ ebook? Why not give it​ away? Users have read your article and they've come to​ your web site because they liked what they read and are interested in​ what you​ have to​ offer. an​ added bonus is​ when webmasters with mailing lists publish your articles on​ their sites.

Identify and market directly to​ your target audience

If you​ maintain a​ niche business,​ you​ need to​ determine your target audience. if​ it's something to​ do with children and parenting,​ your target audience will be parents. Once you've pinned that down,​ custom-design your marketing campaign to​ capture their interest. you​ could join a​ related blog and launch a​ word-of-mouth campaign promoting your niche.

Once other members participate in​ your new product launch with reviews and other discussions,​ your exposure is​ automatically guaranteed. Create a​ target e-mail list and keep interest alive with regular free offers or​ interesting links.

Digg your articles

Here's your chance to​ make it​ to​ the​ front page and be seen by millions of​ users. Unleash your creativity - write an​ article that sizzles; put a​ unique spin on​ an​ existing article; make a​ video that nobody can resist. Then submit it​ to​ Digg where everybody can see it​ and 'Digg' it.

If your submission rocks and earns enough positive Diggs,​ it​ goes on​ to​ the​ front page. There's more. Digg encourages conversations around the​ content,​ which has the​ potential of​ making your article the​ 'next big thing' with an​ ever-increasing deluge of​ one-way links to​ your website.

By using these viral marketing techniques,​ you​ can get the​ targeted traffic you​ need and grow your backlinks at​ the​ same time. the​ only cost is​ your time and creativity.

One Way Links 3 Viral Marketing Tips

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