One Philosophy Rant On Online Marketing

Online marketing more often than not takes a​ beating in​ the​ press. in​ truth,​ it​ is​ one of​ the​ singularly great things about the​ net if​ you​ can get the​ hang of​ it.

One Philosophy [Rant] on​ Online Marketing

If you​ can figure online marketing out,​ it​ gives you​ the​ ability to​ spend your time,​ not your money,​ advertising your business. it​ gives you​ access to​ a​ much broader market than any brick and mortar business. it​ allows you​ to​ kick the​ crap out of​ big companies that just throw money at​ Internet marketing,​ a​ tactic often used to​ crush smaller business in​ the​ brick and mortar world.

When you​ get down to​ brass knuckles,​ online marketing not only gives you​ a​ level playing field with the​ big or​ bigger boys,​ it​ gives you​ an​ advantage. I like to​ call this the​ leverage and arrogance advantage.

Assume you​ write one piece of​ great software and try to​ start a​ small company in​ the​ brick and mortar world. if​ you​ are deemed to​ be a​ threat by the​ big software companies,​ what is​ going to​ happen? if​ you​ don’t get bought out,​ they are going to​ wipe you​ out. Since you​ have limited resources and little leverage with retailers,​ you​ are screwed,​ blue and tattooed. Not on​ the​ web.

Online marketing is​ beautiful because it​ flattens the​ playing field for all players,​ big and small. the​ key is​ search engine optimization. Regardless of​ how much money a​ dominant company in​ an​ industry throws at​ search engine rankings,​ they will never have an​ inherent advantage over you. They have no leverage,​ because there is​ nobody to​ buy off. the​ best they can do is​ buy advertisements,​ which fewer people click. if​ you​ get the​ top ranking on​ Google,​ Yahoo and MSN for your keywords,​ nobody can knock you​ off unless they do a​ better optimization job than you​ do. in​ no way,​ shape or​ form would this ever be possible in​ the​ brick and mortar world unless you​ have a​ monstrous amount of​ cash.

The second reason you​ should use online marketing is​ arrogance. Dominant brick and mortar companies use marketing firms to​ push their brands on​ television,​ billboards,​ magazines and so on. When the​ companies open a​ site,​ they often have the​ same marketing firms handle their internet efforts as​ well. Crushing them on​ search engines is​ like taking candy from a​ baby. They just throw money at​ the​ problem,​ a​ strategy that fails every time on​ the​ web.

You,​ however,​ are not going to​ waste money by purchasing banner ads and other junk that will waste your money. Nope,​ you​ are going to​ pursue search engine optimization on​ your own or​ through a​ credible group. While the​ dominant company is​ spending $20 a​ click for their ads,​ you​ are going to​ be laughing your way to​ the​ bank as​ customers pour in​ from your top rankings on​ Google,​ Yahoo and MSN.

Does online marketing deserve the​ criticism it​ gets? Sometimes it​ does. Once you​ figure it​ out,​ however,​ you​ will never slander it​ again.

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