One New Anti Spam Software G Lock Spamcombat

One New Anti Spam Software G Lock Spamcombat

One New Anti-Spam Software G-Lock Spamcombat
Would you​ like to​ catch and delete spam before it​ reaches your inbox? Self learning system based on​ your spam and good email detects spam with great precision and accuracy,​ adapts to​ new types of​ spam,​ stops viruses and malicious code.
It's easy if​ you​ receive several unsolicited emails per day .​
But if​ you​ get tens or​ hundreds spam messages every day,​ it's a​ real problem .​
That's why you​ need an​ anti-spam filter .​
The anti-spam program will relieve you​ from a​ tedious manual work when you​ have to​ delete all garbage from your inbox by hand .​
Plus,​ you​ save your valuable time,​ bandwidth and money!
G-Lock SpamCombat is​ a​ complex anti-spam solution that combines Bayesian filtering with customizable rules .​
It scans the​ email messages while they are still in​ your POP3 account,​ and can automatically delete spam on​ the​ server,​ so that it​ is​ not even downloaded to​ your email program.
This is​ a​ simple,​ easy to​ use anti-spam software and has powerful features to​ stop spam & viruses .​
It's a​ standalone easy-to-use anti-spam filter,​ which deletes about 99% spam emails before you​ download them with your email client.
Even though the​ email is​ deleted from your POP account,​ you​ can still browse through the​ deleted items and recover any mail if​ needed (similar to​ Windows Recycle bin).
The Bayesian filter option allows G-Lock SpamCombat to​ learn from your actions,​ so all you​ have to​ do is​ mark a​ message as​ spam or​ good and the​ program automatically adjusts its filter settings to​ become more accurate.
This Software is​ a​ Shareware,​ the​ Price is​ $35 .​
The publisher is​ glocksoft.
The latest G-Lock SpamCombat version is​,​ the​ File size is​ 4.1 MB .​
In addition,​ you​ can configure custom rules for messages that should always be deleted or​ accepted,​ remove viruses and malicious code and more .​
Additional features include statistical graphs,​ HTML tag filtering and more.

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