One Authors Solution For Publishing Creative Writing Output

It has never been easy to​ have your creative writing output accepted by traditional publishing houses.

Witness these famous masters of​ fiction who were all obliged to​ take the​ route of​ shelling out hard cash to​ have their debut novels printed.

Alexandre Dumas
D.H. Lawrence
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Rice Burroughs
George Bernard Shaw
Gertrude Stein
James Joyce
John Grisham
Mark Twain
Mary Baker Eddy
Rudyard Kipling
Stephen Crane
Upton Sinclair
Virginia Woolf
Walt Whitman
William Blake
Zane Grey

John Grisham,​ incidentally,​ sold copies of​ his first novel “A Time to​ Kill” out of​ the​ boot of​ a​ car which at​ the​ outset was his sole 'vehicle' for distribution…

And it​ is​ getting tougher all the​ time – even for established authors.

It can be doubly frustrating when you’ve written something that you are desperate to​ see in​ print; something you want other people to​ read.

There is​ always recourse to​ the​ expensive vanity publishing houses but I wouldn’t take that route come what may.

Would you?

Imagine my surprise then when I stumbled across the​ perfect solution for publishing creative output that you cannot place elsewhere.

I have a​ string of​ traditionally published titles currently selling in​ bookstores world wide but I have an​ almost equal string that I have never been able to​ get into print.

That is​ until now…

The little known but highly reputable POD (print on​ demand) source I have discovered requires an​ initial membership fee that covers UNLIMITED titles – perfect bound with ISBN and free shipping to​ customers

In a​ nutshell: Instead of​ requiring you to​ place an​ initial order for 10 to​ 100 books,​ this innovative publisher provides the​ first copy of​ your book free of​ charge and then prints-on-demand and ships when they receive subsequent orders from you and your customers.

This website featured in​ the​ resource box below is​ well worth a​ visit especially if​ you are still struggling to​ get your first book into print. You could have your own personal library up and running in​ next to​ no time.

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