On Hold Messaging Your Secret Marketing Weapon

On Hold Messaging Your Secret Marketing Weapon

On Hold Messaging | Your Secret Marketing Weapon
Imagine a​ marketing medium where your company has direct one-to-one communication with customers and prospects who have chosen to​ contact your company; a​ medium that prevents competition from other media and messages; a​ medium that can turn a​ potentially negative customer experience into a​ positive one.
Such a​ marketing medium exists and it​ is​ as​ close as​ your telephone | indeed,​ it​ is​ your telephone! on​ hold messaging is​ perhaps one of​ the​ least understood,​ least used,​ yet most effective marketing media .​

A Unique Medium
On hold messaging is​ unlike other marketing media in​ one basic way - the​ message you​ deliver to​ your on​ hold audience has no competition from other messages .​
While they are on​ hold,​ potential customers are exclusively yours - they get only your message .​
No other media,​ not the​ internet,​ broadcast or​ print,​ offers this opportunity .​

However,​ the​ unique benefits of​ on​ hold messaging do not stop there .​
It is​ the​ only medium that,​ merely by using it,​ you​ will improve your audience’s experience with your company .​
Studies indicate that,​ while on​ hold,​ callers can have a​ number of​ negative feelings,​ from confusion to​ frustration and anger .​

A message on​ hold let’s customers know they are still connected .​
With the​ right messages,​ they can even feel informed or​ entertained,​ making their on​ hold experience a​ positive one .​
An on​ hold message also makes the​ time spent on​ hold feel shorter,​ further improving the​ customer’s experience.
Achieve a​ Variety of​ Marketing Goals
A well planned on​ hold messaging program can help with just about any marketing initiative.
Entertain - simple music on​ hold will improve a​ caller’s on​ hold experience
Advertise - turn it​ up a​ notch and,​ while you​ entertain callers,​ promote your company,​ products or​ services
Provide Information | Give directions,​ ordering information and/or product research
Branding - a​ great way to​ reinforce your brand
Cross Sell or​ Up Sell - An excellent opportunity while they are on​ hold
Target Marketing - you​ can deliver different messages,​ depending on​ the​ purpose of​ the​ call - one message for a​ customer service call,​ another for a​ technical support call .​

On hold messaging is​ truly a​ unique marketing opportunity and your company should take advantage .​
However,​ it​ is​ important to​ find a​ professional marketing company dedicated to​ on​ hold messaging to​ make sure your customers get the​ right message.
www.onhold.on.ca Marketing specializes in​ developing customized and targeted programs to​ improve your marketing results.

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