Offshore Software Development Quality

Offshore Software Development Quality

Offshore Software Development - Quality
Often times,​ customer receives the​ application from the​ offshore provider which looks okay on​ the​ surface but is​ full of​ defects .​
What happens is​ the​ offshore team in​ order to​ meet the​ dates,​ skips the​ most important phase of​ the​ software project life cycle - Testing.
To ensure the​ excellent quality of​ application,​ the​ provider must do the​ testing at​ the​ various stages of​ the​ software project .​
For instance,​ during the​ coding phase,​ the​ developers must write the​ Unit Test cases for their module/form,​ and test the​ program thorougly .​
Once the​ coding is​ complete,​ QA group (assuming your provider has one) should execute the​ System Test Cases (written after the​ requirements are finalized) and make sure that the​ system performs as​ per the​ customer's requirements .​
Another way to​ improve the​ quality of​ the​ software projects is​ to​ do the​ Inspections of​ the​ work products .​
Each hour spent on​ quality assurance activities such as​ design reviews saves from 3 to​ 10 hours in​ downstream costs .​
a​ requirement defect that is​ left undetected until construction or​ maintenance will cost 50 to​ 200 times as​ much to​ fix as​ it​ would have cost to​ fix at​ requirements time .​
Inspections are detailed technical peer reviews of​ software designs or​ implementations .​
The customers should ask their offshore provider to​ conduct inspections at​ every stage of​ the​ development or​ the​ maintenance process .​
Because of​ their ability to​ detect and correct defects in​ upstream work products,​ inspections help us control cost and schedule of​ the​ project.

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