Offshore Software Development India Advantages And Disadvantages

Offshore software development India: Advantages and Disadvantages
Offshore software development is​ a​ kind of​ outsourcing in​ which the​ jobs of​ software development are transferred to​ offshore countries .​
Mainly companies in​ USA transfer software development job to​ India or​ other south Asian countries .​
In India there are many offshore development companies .​
In India offshore software development have some advantages and also some disadvantages.
Advantages of​ offshore software development in​ India
India is​ a​ densely populated country so the​ labor cost in​ India is​ too cheap .​
Along with the​ cheap labor Indian software professionals are so skilled and high mental level persons .​
This is​ the​ main reason that the​ US and Europe companies transfer their jobs in​ India .​
By offshoring their jobs the​ companies will save a​ lot of​ money .​
According to​ a​ market research normally US and Europe companies save around 70% of​ their software development cost through offshore software development .​
In US the​ average salary of​ software developer is​ $9000 per year .​
In India the​ salary of​ software developer is​ too less in​ comparison to​ US .​
In India generally there are no employment issues .​
Disadvantages offshore software development in​ India
There also some disadvantages of​ offshore software development in​ India .​
Many outsourcing business fail due to​ these reasons .​
The main reason is​ business understanding .​
Normally new companies are unable to​ understand the​ process of​ offshore outsourcing and fails before grow .​
In case of​ web development outsourcing US companies found the​ Indian view of​ color co-ordination somewhat lurid .​
Risks in​ offshore software development in​ India
1 .​
Offshore software development industry in​ India is​ still new,​ young and largely unproven .​
However there are also lots of​ success stories which prove Indian offshoring is​ best .​
2 .​
Stability of​ the​ Offshore Countries is​ another risk .​
In India and other south Asian countries stability is​ less these countries are always involved in​ politic and religious activities .​
This will directly affect Indian economy .​
India is​ also relatively unstable .​
If we see on​ past two years back the​ riots in​ Chennai caused many lost days of​ development time and they also forced outsourcing .​
Some software firms to​ up and move from Chennai .​
Before offshore outsourcing companies must ensure that the​ offshore software development companies have business continuity and disaster recovery plans .​
Or if​ not the​ offshore company should prepare for the​ eventuality of​ non-availability of​ their outsourcing partners.

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