Office Decorating Ideas

Office Decorating Ideas

Congratulations! You’ve landed the perfect job, complete with your​ own office. Now what? of​ course, you’ll be spending time mastering the ins and​ outs of​ your​ new position. and​ you’ll be moving into you​ new office. you​ will, no doubt, have the requisite desk, file drawers and​ bookshelves. But what can you​ do to​ make your​ office truly yours? With just these few office decorating tips, you’ll be on​ your​ way to​ having an​ office of​ which you​ can be proud.

First, determine how much space is​ available within​ your​ office for​ your​ decor. Take some pictures of​ the office you’ve been assigned. Look at​ where the window(s), door, electrical outlets and​ computer jacks are situated. These will determine the possible furniture layouts. you​ may even want to​ draw up a​ scale floor plan with like-scale furniture. you​ can then try several arrangements to​ see which one you​ prefer – without hurting your​ back!

Once you​ have your​ furniture in​ place, your​ files in​ the file drawers, and​ your​ books and​ manuals on​ the shelves, you​ will see exactly how much wall, shelf, and​ floor space you​ have available for​ your​ personal touch.

Second, choose the correct type of​ image. if​ you​ are employed by a​ conservative company, you’ll want your​ office to​ portray a​ more conservative image. Conversely, if​ you​ work for​ a​ vibrant, innovative company, your​ office should communicate that same feeling.

Third, while keeping within​ the proper company image, be sure to​ include your​ personality in​ your​ choice of​ décor. Are you​ an​ avid sports fan? Do you​ spend your​ free time in​ the woods? Do you​ love to​ travel? Any of​ these, or​ many other, interests can be easily incorporated into your​ office decorating scheme.

Now that you’ve determined the space you​ have available for​ your​ personalized office décor, you’ve chosen the type of​ image that would work best with your​ company, and​ you’ve chosen the aspect of​ your​ personality that you​ would like to​ portray, it’s time to​ get busy selecting the actual items to​ include in​ your​ office.

A great place to​ begin​ is​ at​ a​ wall mural website, such as​ you​ will find, literally, hundreds of​ ideas to​ suit your​ personality. if​ you​ are lucky enough to​ have a​ wall unobstructed by a​ window, door, or​ bookshelves, you​ may want to​ include one of​ their full-size murals in​ your​ decorating scheme. The murals also come in​ smaller sizes, which can be used as​ is​ or​ hung in​ a​ frame. Once you​ have a​ mural theme as​ your​ starting point, choose plants, vases, sculptures, picture frames, and​ other decorative items that coordinate with the theme and​ colors of​ the mural. Let’s look at​ a​ couple of​ possibilities – one with a​ conservative image and​ another with an​ innovative approach.

for​ a​ person​ working at​ a​ conservative company, with an​ interest in​ travel, imagine an​ office with a​ world map mural on​ the wall. Hung from the appropriate location​ on​ the mural are small framed photographs of​ the employee’s travels. on​ the bookshelves are items purchased during his/her world travels. There are several plants arranged in​ a​ group, each in​ a​ vase purchased at​ a​ different travel destination. this​ employee has succeeded in​ decorating the office to​ suit his/her personality while keeping within​ the conservative framework of​ his company.

this​ same person, working at​ an​ innovative company, could choose a​ full wall mural that consists of​ a​ backdrop of​ his/her favorite destination, perhaps a​ tropical beach. Décor would consist, in​ part, of​ family photos at​ beach destinations. Groups of​ tropical plants in​ vases covered in​ shells collected at​ various beach destinations would be grouped in​ various areas throughout the office. Window coverings would be constructed from a​ tropical print fabric – or​ even beach towels. Bookshelves, again, would contain​ tropical items purchased at​ various destinations. as​ in​ the case above, the employee has succeeded in​ decorating the office to​ suit his/her personality, with the added joy of​ feeling as​ if​ one is​ truly in​ the tropics!

As you​ can see, using just these few decorating tips, you​ too can have an​ office that fits your​ personality while keeping within​ the bounds of​ your​ company’s culture. Enjoy your​ decorating adventure!

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